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  • Great! Thank you my friend. That's a good direction. I'll try to squeez one or two in this summer break I think. I'll start looking into the specifics tonight. I always loved the heck out of training. I'm thinking that whatever is available this summer is going to dictate what course I take on first.
    You know I just checked out longmoor and that Hostile Environment Close Protection Training (HECPO) sounds pretty great. I'm between that and the Max Security Academy Counter-Terror Training. They both sound good, but I'm not sure witch one I would make me more desirable you know. I'd like to also not get repetitive as far as what I've already done and in the future. Is this going to be that tricky my fried? Or is quantity as far as courses go the way to go?
    I have 11 mths left in the forces of 22. I think you have to choose yourself, but the RONIN cse's, Pheonix, I'm personally doing the Longmoor cse in Mar,Longmoor Security - Close Protection, Security Training and Risk Management then will research an FPOS First person on scene medic cse, probably a VIPER cse VIPER Course - Prometheus Medical Ltd Courses ,Herefordshire

    There's alot of talk of offshore medic cse's, but basically a CP cse backed up by lots of medical/first aid cse's.

    There's heaps of paperwork to do for ELCAS etc, so do it early, thers's also lots of prep before going on the cse's.

    its just a briefing course to do if that doesnt come off then im out if it doesnt come off then by the time i get out i will be around 25, got a few contacts through my dads mates and they are saying that they will as around for me only a couple of them are psd's the rest are all K9 handlers. really want to get into this side of work, how are you getting on with finding a job? you got any cp courses to reccomend?
    cheers mate for the reply, i joined 29 straight from training enjoyed it for a few years however its time for a change, go this afghan to do but a little course before hand to do and if i dont pass that then im out and looking for a change and cp seems to be the way forward, have you got any advice on the subject??

    thanks again
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