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  • Hi mate read your message regarding Pro-Sec but it won't let me post, i've had similar experiences with them, they're a joke but can get away with it cause they've got the staff numbers! I wonder if you got anything sorted and what venue you worked, and also who you work for in Leeds now? PM me!
    yes i am from belfast but have been away for nearly 10 years so am unsure who controls the city centre clubs. i have held head doorman positions in scotland but also in famous clubs in resorts such as gran can,tenerife,ibiza and magaluf. hope im not sounding egotistical just trying to give an insight into why im lookin to contact proper people and not the sia accredited non-entities which seem to have infested the doors in britain. thanks
    thanks,little tip, you replied to yourself!! when message comes in click senders name in blue eg sne, when their profile comes up click visitors message and put it on there then send.
    hi,have a read at www.securitynetworkingevents.co.uk next event in july and think it would help you greately to see what is available in the various sectors.any interest email splinter652@yahoo.com and he will send you full details when event finalised with no obligation to yourself. thanks.
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