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  • Hi Wullie,

    Apologies for the rando message just had a look at a thread of yours as trying to find info on clearwater clsoe protection course, im due to do 1 with them in may i am ex military - but alot of negative reviews about them on here, how did you find the course? and i can see your obviously working in the industry now so they cant be as bad as everyone seems to make out on here :/...did they do any unarmed combat or weapns training on the course? thanks and hope to hear back! sam
    hi ppl well the wee man is back in uk and looking for uk cp 7 years in tha sand was enough looking for cp uk any ideas ppl glad to be back on cpw stay safe ppl wee man is oot
    G'day Wullie, Not long back from my course and checking in to say G'day. I lost my inbox/email addy ( Server crash) and all the emails in my address book including yours went with it and tried pming you but your inbox is full ( popular bloke you are mate ha).

    Did you end up getting that job you were telling me about just before I left?

    Anycase take it easy mate and talk soon

    Olks Sends
    awrite mate i have been doing cp stuff since 2007 all high risk stuff in iraq and some cp stuff in london crg is a good course most ppl get work with them mate

    Awright mucker look forward to hearing from you, may even meet up now at some stage.

    I am on SIA CP course with CRG 22nd Jan -5 th feb. So will be looking for work after that, feel free to let me know if anything comes up your way.

    All the best for noo.
    Hi Wullie

    How are you doing? What type of stuff are you upto at the moment? Im ex Infantry myself but i recruit into the security industry now and im looking to make good contacts with guys in the industry. The requirment was filled this morning but i always have a need for guys as skilled and experienced as yourself.

    My work email is t.grand@logicrec.com give me an email when you can and we can talk about some options.

    Wullie, you look like you've been around enough to know the ins and outs, can I ask your opinion on employment chances with companies out in the sand for a former Brit/Aus SNCO? Cheers
    just got ur post mate good luck stay in touch and i know guys out here who are 50 plus and still doing cp/psd/convoy we all old oot here **** me i am 46 so age is nothing mate

    wullie oot
    Thanks for the feedback on my post. If you have more insight I would appreciate it. I am not expecting CP HE work as I am probably too old (48) and have no HE experience other than what life has taught. I was hoping to get into a specialist area, again although I have limited experience, such as surveillance, marine work, driver - but as yet dont know how realistic this will be. However, I am on the course next week and will see what develops.

    not had a interveiw with them if its like the others it all about your carreer army civvie security dont bull shit them they will know if you do
    how you doing m8 I have an interview with aegis on may for iraq do you know what kinda things they will be asking me

    cheers craigy
    m8 did u here back fae that tom from soc-usa i have sent him my cv n that my pals working with them but didny get a responce back ?
    Hey Wullie Reilly, didnt get your pm! has somthing gone wrong. Could you message me again. Many thanks
    Hi Wullie Reilly
    RE: Research for documentary
    Thank you for your reply on the forum. Apologies for delayed response but have been away for the last week. I'd really like to email / chat to you if that's ok. My email address is lucyresearch@onetel.com. I can send you my CV and answer any questions you may have about the project. This is strictly for research purposes and I do not need to know your real name or your company's name (if applicable). I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you. Lucy.
    wullie.was that message for me?if so you answered yourself mate!! just bit luck i looked in again. just click the blue writing and details will come up on website. send me your tel number through my profile by email or pm. thanks SPLINTER652
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