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  • Thank you to JM for having myself yesterday, sound advice and quality training delivered to your current students.

    Looking forward to the June CP course!

    Hi there,
    Just a thank you to D. in your office whom I spoke with yesterday, he was very helpful and informative.

    Good luck for your October 2012 course from one of your previous students.
    I'm sure it will be another successful one !

    Cheers, Pretor
    Hello again. I never got a reply from you in july hopefully you were busy.
    Thinking of doing a cp course. Is there really any work for someone new to the business at 52
    Although 32 yrs police service have not worked cp at all.
    Hello John my name is stefan i'm a French CPO and Security driver i'd like to know if it can be interesting for you or for another compagny to have a French citizen young In the CP industry?
    I'm certified and badged in France for CP and i can receive recognition by the SIA for temporary permission of services in the UK for one year!
    I'm recognise by the French government in chauffering and i've several training in Security driving!
    Would you like to see my resume sir?
    Actually i'm in the South of France with two other French operator like me,we'd like to work for the next months in UK!
    I expect to find some job perhaps in CP or Security industry or as driver only think is to work first gain in experiences,knowledge and comfort my English who's for the moment correct but not fluent!
    I really thank you for your answer
    I look forward to hearing from you
    Stay safe

    Best regards
    Morning, I am a serving police TSU officer with 32yrs service. Recommended by Visioneer to talk to you for advice etc. Can i send you my CV. and speak to you re my options before A19 looms after the olympics.
    thank you. Kevin email at kbtec dot eu
    Hello whom it may concern at Excellentia.
    I am currently out in Afghanistan at the moment, HOWEVER I am very interested in doing a course with you guys, but I can't find much information on your courses and employment opportunities with the company once I have done a course with you guys.

    Happy New Year and Kind Regards,

    Hi hope you don't mind me PM'ing you,

    My issue seems to be that I have no firearms/military exp, does this cause issues for you guys? Any ideas you have would be greatfully received.

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