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  • EMT is that the medical one? If so i know a bunch of paramedics from other countries that have like 'top up' courses.
    Prehaps you should really look for a job in what you know, do security on the side till you have enough contacts and job offers
    Good luck with the BSI, being from the states, your qualifications may mean something, but then again may not.

    You said you want to move to europe, you do know the SIA only stands in the UK right?

    If you do need an SIA Door Supervision course I can put you in touch with some pretty good chaps for a decent price
    Hey Bud,

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    Your qualifications...
    They are from outside the United Kingdom which is a sucker. The BSI (British Standards Institution) kinda dictates that everything outside the UK is crap and you have to re-train. I remember on my DS course there was a brain surgeon from distant lands, who can't work in the UK due to the BSI. What you should do is contact the BSI and tell them your quals and ask if they mean anything over here.
    SIA Pending,
    strangly i can't post on your topic, but here you go.

    Companies belonging to the ACS (approved contractor scheme) can employ a percentage of their work force to work without a license as long as their SIA is processing. It is hard to get one of these spots and are not regularly used because they aren't licensed and some people refuse to work with them.

    Regarding CP and Door work.
    Door work in the UK is hard to get a decent spot, we are full.
    CP is incredibly hard to get into, I don't know you past at all you could be special opps but you could also be a civvies. CP is flooded with people at the moment. There are military people who themselves finding it hard to get a job. Think seriously before spending £5k on a CP course then another £5k in training

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