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  • hi yorkie303 im new yo this site and i havent had time to fully get in to the quick way of using it duu to work and stuff in at work at the moment. chat later ps i under stand we have a friend on the site.
    Hello again Finchy mate, I would contact Ian, Ops Manager fm 'Clearwater' (my training provider), on 01743 719109 as I'm sure that with his vast knowledge he could certainly help you my friend!
    hi mate, have u got any advice on firearms courses that are relevant to the industry and with that any companies that would be able to give me advice/oppurtunities for a newly trained Cp operater.

    cheers mate
    Hi Rubicon & Sorcerer,

    Glad you've linked up & don't forget to stay in touch! ;o)

    PS: Rubicon- License due in the next 5 weeks (according to a letter I received fm them today) as they are just finishing their checks, reference the SIA 'Application Status Checker.'
    hi...thanx for the add!! as yet i'm still working towards my cp sia licence, finance pending the course!..i have just received my sia door supervision licence so will be wtd to help fund the course...will let you konw how things go....
    Hi yorkie

    Thanks for invite which I have accepted, have you managed to get your licence yet?.

    Cheers Rubi
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