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  • Good morning there, I would be interested in hearing more information on this static guard contract, please e-mail me on chrislashford@yahoo.com
    hi mate, just a respond to your static guard ad. My email is rob5893@hotmail.co.uk
    Many Thanks
    hello mate, new to the site so don't know if this is the coorrect way to contact you, please forward to me the details of the static guarding contract in London, G.Bray@armadaprotection.co.uk.
    Many Thanks
    Hi, I saw your advert for static guarding, ste.white@ntlworld.com is my email address for further information, Thanks Ste
    i saw your post regarding the static guarding i like to put forward for this.
    my email address is jeznhmobile@aol.com


    Hi saw your post bout london static guarding and very intrested my email is Jagga35@hotmail.com many thanks Jag
    Hello there, noticed your post and very interested. my email is mulhollandcpo@hotmail.co.uk

    hear from you soon.

    Wellcome back, been away awhile and not currently working CP at the moment but always on the look out for any good opportunity. Fortunately I have a few skills to draw on including graphic design.

    Hope your IT guy has been sorting it all out :)

    No doubt speak soon or indeed if you are at the counter terrorism event then I will see you there.


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