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    wasnt an easy match for spain couldve went either way! lol
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    Wounded soldier's wedding

    lovely pictures and good luck to them both
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    we are normally always right we just give u the false security that we are agreeing with u males lol
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    men arent always right even though they like to think they are lol
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    A womans pussy is like a shed roof

    lol how rude !! but true if you dont do ur job right lol
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    now who do you reckon will win world cup title ????????? i think Holland :p
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    brooke Introduction on 04th July 2010

    :)Suggested introduction template is below Q. Do you represent a company? A. NO Q. What area's in the Security Industry are you interested in? A. DOOR SUPERVISION Q. What do you hope to get from the forum? A. OTHERS EXPERIENCES Q. Tell our members something about yourself? A. Q. How...
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    iPhone 4 - Networks, coverage and app discussion

    I think Iphone is definely the best around at the minute
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    Katie price blessing

    she is a complete waste of time and probably delibrately picked who she did
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    that can't be good
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    how to tell the sex of a fly

    lol but typical males and there beers
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    hi guys

    just thought id say hello to everyone ! im new to the whole thing so just trying to get used to it all