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    UK Oil Rig / Remote Medic

    So you'll have no actual experience working as a paramedic? The best plan would be to work as a paramedic for the minimum 2 years as required before you can do your OSM course.
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    MIRA/Remote Medic courses for HEMS Paramedic?

    What kind of expedition medic roles? If it's those medic roles that are more like volunteer positions with Raleigh then it's more 'expedition' than expedition medic tbh. And yes, if he's worked always within the NHS then doing some level of other course should give him some extra skills and...
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    Experienced civilian medic getting into the industry

    Medic234, If you're really serious about this route join the reserves and get some military experience. In fact if you're serious work on getting your paramedic ticket, and join the reserves, then come back to this in a few years.
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    Experienced civilian medic getting into the industry

    I'd spend your money on studying to become a paramedic tbh.
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    Experienced civilian medic getting into the industry

    There's a long answer, but the short answer is forget it, no chance. As a paramedic you might have a better chance, but as just a EMT with no military background, nope 'fraid not. And for good reason, would you want your back to be watched by someone with no military experience when the rounds...
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    ALS Certificate

    Yup, had same issue, only way round it was to do ALS/ACLS! Good luck, RL
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    Don't worry about it, everything you need to know will be covered. It's not that in-depth or complicated. Enjoy it! RL
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    Which paramedic course gives the highest level of training and qualifications.

    Yeah, outside the NHS I think degree/diploma/IHCD makes little to no difference to job prospects, but when it comes to going up a band or promotion in the NHS it'll soon be necessary to have the degree. RL
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    Which paramedic course gives the highest level of training and qualifications.

    There are still Universities that run 2 year Paramedic programs (diplomas) but many are 3 year degree programs, and it's going to go the way of nursing where initially you had the choice of doing a diploma or a degree, but then all moved to being a degree. Lots of the HCPC paramedics I know...
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    Fpos i, mira, cp, mso, mffc, pttls

    Thanks very much for answering and clearing things up. Good luck with the courses. RL
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    Fpos i, mira, cp, mso, mffc, pttls

    I thought Exmed had removed your license to teach MIRA courses? Some clarification of what's going on would be useful. News Update regarding Horizon Security Solutions | Exmed Thanks, RL
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    NREMT Advanced V IHCD Technician

    Good and interesting list/exercise, thanks for doing that! Agree with ScottA, not sure OSM should be that high as it's more of an add-on to an already existing qualification/background and would depend on the previous skill level I think. RL
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    CMT 1 qual Via TA route???

    If they were a paramedic, nurse or some such thing in civvie street as their regular job outside the reserves then yes. And maybe if not but they'd done a tour or two. Otherwise I'd say no, they're not qualified enough. RL
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    LEVEL 4 international award in Tactical First Aid (Tactical Medical Technician)

    Just looked at the promotional video for your Level 4 Tactical First Aid course and it has people with M4s, dressed in multicam, and with PJ patches on. Assuming they're US Pararescue folks as I can't imagine anyone being so out of order as to pretend to be a PJ to advertise a course. So you've...
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    question for paramedic

    Yes, that's my understanding, that you don't strictly need a degree to do a Masters, nor a Masters to do a PhD - although I suspect that isn't what the OP means - a high school diploma is something very different I think. RL
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    And why's this in the 'Downloads' section of the forum? Did you mean to put it in the 'Courses' bit? RL
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    question for paramedic

    Your question isn't really that clear to me. Do you mean to get entrance onto a paramedic diploma/degree? RL
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    Medics read this.

    I'd go with that direction then, the paramedic degree, or a nursing degree as an alternative depending on what you fancy doing long term. RL
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    Volunteering as a medic abroad suggestions?

    Thanks very much. Totally understand the issues with this dynamic between volunteering and getting paid. One of my previous jobs had real problems throughout the industry with the tension between those of us doing it as a profession and people (often retirees with a pension) doing it for...
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    Volunteering as a medic abroad suggestions?

    Starlight, I'm only looking at places that don't pay for anyone and it's for projects that aren't on the 'normal' route of medic stuff that's been mentioned, like I said I'm fully aware of the dynamic where volunteers take jobs from people being paid. I'm more thinking of something like helping...