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    For potential Team Leaders

    Gents, i am no longer in the Marsec sector of security and have moved onto Diplomatic security. Reliving what i posted on this forum, made me realise what i missed most? However, medical reasons made me move, adapt, and certainly overcome. However, i have a brain, and memories, and glad to...
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    I am not in the Maritime Security Industry anymore, but can answer most questions if asked?

    I am not in the Maritime Security Industry anymore, but can answer most questions if asked?
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    Employed as a Diplomatic Security Officer now

    Employed as a Diplomatic Security Officer now
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    Try maritime security as companies are always looking for ex Inf soldiers for their Shell contracts, but you will need to do a few courses to get qualified and these can done via ELCAS.
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    Mso courses

    NO MILITARY EXPERIENCE, you can use all the weapons you want in civvy street and have all the small arms courses, but no reputable PMSC will touch you without a minimum of 4 yrs military experience, SIMPLES.
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    Mso courses

    If you want to break into maritime security you will be using weapons of different calibres, now where in civvy street are you going to get the experience of using these weapons and the knowhow on how they work etc. The simple fact is, you will not and this is the main reason why PMSC's will not...
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    Advice on career change!!!

    Ambrey Risk are hiring Polish and Romanian guys and also I think Bulgarian. SVS Risk are hiring Polish guys too.
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    Mso courses

    It must be shit company then if they are employing non ex military personnel.
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    British company flouting flag state authority?

    This company will soon get found out especially if they dont have an End User Licence for the weapons they will get their guys into trouble like the Chennai 6.
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    Req: Advice for Security Training for NGO officer

    Try an NVQ Level 4 in Security and Risk Management?
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    Advice on career change!!!

    Solace and PVI will normally only take ex RM. What you hear and what you know about different comoanies is totally different. Ambrey are are great company as is Securewest as I have worked for both companies. The best advive given is as Ivan has stated, stay in the Army maintain a stable wage...
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    Advice on career change!!!

    If you do the MSO and the MIRA course you will easily get into Maritime but you will also need the STCW95 course. Give Ambrey Risk a call as they are recruiting British MSOs at present.
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    New Job

    Lotts, you will need to have all 4 modules of the STCW95 as well as the MSO course and FPOS I. Give Ambrey Risk a call or email as they are recruiting and can provide the courses too.
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    Mso courses

    Its defo the same for CP work as most of the companies will want ex military.
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    Mso courses

    If you are not ex forces (min 4 yrs) then you will have no chance and no respectable Maritime company will touch you.
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    Help & Advice please

    March or die.....join the legion for 5 yrs not 10 yrs.
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    Training courses - what shall i do next? Willing to go anywhere in the world

    Why dont you go NVQ Level 4 or 5 in Security and Risk management or NVQ level 3 in Security Operations? You say you First Aid trained have you done the new FPOSI?
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    Courses in the UK Reserve units based in NI

    I would doudt the weekend warriors would access to the sames as they would need to do the courses through the week yet they are only working at the weekend.
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    The UK Election

    I can just imagine Labour Corbyn disagreeing with NATO and saying the 2% of the GDP for NATO is going to spent rehousing all the migrants who have had to be moved out of all the high rise flats and they should all get compensation and news houses for all their relatives who will be allowed to...
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    The UK Election

    The Syrian migrant who died his family are being flown in for his funeral, so that will be another 5000 family member asking for asylum when they arrive and no doubt one of them will be a "jihadi john".