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    MSc Security & Risk Management University of Leicester

    Hi all, I have just started my MSc in SRM with Leicester Uni. Has anyone else on here done this? If so wondering if you have any hints and tips. Currently on Assignment 2 so a long slog ahead. Many thanks in advance for any help. Jolls
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    Control Risks HECPO Course

    Hi guys and girls, I have been booked CR's pre deployment HE course up in shropshire. Has anyone else been on this course? If so what is it like? How did you find it? And any tips form the top? Any advice appreciated. Jolls
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    covert stab vest fo big boy

    Mate, Try or, having brought from them both before I rate them highly on their service and the products they supply. If going for covert make sure you go for HG2/KR2 as provides that better protection.
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    SIA Axed

    Ladies & Gents, Announced this morning is that SIA is going to be axed. Please find attached govt doc on all public bodies being axed. SIA will be replaced by new regulatory body. I know this will please some people and dissapoint others. Personnally I feel this is a...
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    Garda World CP vacancies

    I am not POC but have just recieved this: GardaWorld Job Specification Position: PSD Personnel Job Type: Sub-contractor Location: Iraq – various locations Start Date: (subject to confirmation) Now 2010 – ongoing Pay: Operator Rates starting from £172/day Rotation...
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    Firearms courses

    Thanks for all the guidance fellas, much appreciate and has pointed me in the right direction. Hope all is good for you boys out there. BR Jolls
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    Firearms courses

    All, Am looking to undertake a firearms course in the near future as could do with a good refresher. Looking at focusing on CQB drills, and CP firearms drills. Can those who have been on any courses recently provide me a heads up on which are the best companies in this field? All thoughts...