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    HRA reduction

    Guys, As of 01 Dec 2015 BIMCO has decided to reduce the HRA co ordinates to the following and this will be recommended to all BMP 4 Signatories.: Northern Limit (Red Sea): Latitude 15° N Northern Limit (Gulf of Oman): Latitude 22° N Eastern limit: Longitude 065° E Southern...
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    Somali pirates release 7 hostages

    The remaining seven Indian crewmembers of the MV Asphalt Venture have been released by Somali pirates more than four years after the cargo ship was hijacked off the coast of Somalia. The Panama-flagged Asphalt Venture with 15 crewmembers was pirated on September 28, 2010, approximately 100...
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    Gulf of Oman piracy troubles

    A series of piracy-related incidents were reported during the third quarter of this year in the Gulf of Aden from the Northeast Somali coastline, up along the Omani coast, according to OCEANUSLive, a maritime sharing platform. UK’s Dryad Maritime’s recently released Q3 maritime crime...
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    Armed Guards are here to stay

    A Leading industry body on maritime security states that private security personnel are “here to stay†in the fight against increasing levels of crime at sea. Speaking at the Maritime Security & Defence conference at SMM in Hamburg, SAMI CEO Peter Cook said that growing trade, increased...
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    Aspida maritime are hiring

    Gents, Just been advertised on Linkedin, I AM NOT THE POC? Follow the link CV Submission
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    The threat is still there!

    When six armed pirates abandoned a dhow they had captured after spotting an approaching European Union Naval Forces (EU NAVFOR) Spanish maritime patrol and reconnaissance aircraft, EU NAVOR many hailed it a success. Actually in a wider context it highlights a massive failure. After all this...
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    Stopping West African piracy is vital for Europe’s energy security

    The Crimea crisis has focused our attention on the vexed question of Europe’s energy supplies. To a great extent Europe depends on Russia for its oil and gas, which gives Vladimir Putin disproportionate political leverage. One of the biggest possible alternative suppliers is the Gulf of...
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    Pirate attack in the straits of Hormuz 30 Mar 14

    Merchant vessel reported being attacked by 1 skiff with 6 persons on board armed with machine guns. Skiff came to 5 metres of the vessel and fired 2 shots at the bridge and accommodation area. Vessel set alarm and activated fire hoses and skiff turned away, attack was in position 26 24N 056 41E...
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    Brits on Guard Ship Ohio expected to be released next week

    Jailed seaman Nick Dunn is to be soon freed from an Indian prison. At a hearing in Tuticorin today a judge granted Nick and five other British men bail after they were arrested in October. Another hearing will take place next Wednesday where the judge is expected to decide on bail...
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    Top Somali pirate quits

    A top Somali Pirate Commander has announced that he has renounced from Piracy, after a massive fall down to the profits gained from the illicit profession. The Pirate Gang leader, Isse Yuluh, who hails from Puntland’s Bari region, said that he has decided to leave the job after eight years...
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    Guard Ship Ohio

    A local court in Tuticorin on Friday extended the custody of 35 men, including crew members of the detained US ship ‘Seaman Guard Ohio’, until February 25. Judicial Magistrate in Tuticorin C. Kathiravan passed the order after hearing arguments. Amidst tight security, the men including...
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    Just one of the problems in West Africa

    FOLLOWING A period of close consultation with the International Group of P&I Clubs concerning the practical application of the BIMCO Guidelines adopted in November 2013, a Special Circular has been published. The Guidelines serve as a "health warning" to those owners contemplating using the...
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    Piracy Mediterrean style

    With the Summer yachting season in the Med quick approaching, it has come of something of a shock to hear of piracy in the area. News has emerged that a yacht was attacked by pirates near the Ile aux Moines, south of Corsica. Four hooded gunmen took control of the yacht “Armageddonâ€, which...
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    Clarity on Security

    The one certainty which seems to have surrounded the issue of private maritime security companies (PMSCs)and armed guard standards has been uncertainty. While there has been a begrudging green light for owners to use armed guards where necessary, there has been a soap opera around how such...
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    Pirate attack 13 Feb 2014

    I am quite surprised this has not been posted but in my opinion it is a pirate attack as rounds have been fired On the 13.02.2014: 1430 UTC: Posn: 01:07N - 044:34E, 3NM North of Barawe, Somalia. Five persons armed with guns chased and fired upon a Ro-Ro vessel underway. The on board armed...
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    Security Standards Need Support

    The Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI) believes that a new international standard for armed guards on ships can deliver much required reassurance for the shipping industry, but there is an urgent need for support and acceptance from ship owners and flag States. That was the...
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    Attack in the IRTC 09 Dec 2013

    Two Merchant Vessels reported same skiff, white and blue coloured hull, approached and attacked them in position 1252N 04752E at 090452ZDEC. Vessels are Safe.
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    The rise and fall of Somalia’s pirate king

    As the Somali piracy blockbuster Captain Phillips raked in $26 million in its opening weekend on U.S. screens, Mohamed Abdi Hassan, better known as “Afweyne,†was on a flight to Belgium with plans to sell a very different story about East African marauders. Expecting to consult on a movie...
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    Will The Day of The Last Somali Pirate Come?

    Even though some somali pirates have been retiring, as nicely summarized in this recent article on Somali Piracyin The Economist, piracy is just too damn lucrative. Especially given the other employment options available to the pirates. As per the Economist article, the average ransom for a...
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    India gets paranoid yet AGAIN!

    Armed guards on anti-piracy patrols could well be used as a cover to launch another 26/11-type seaborne attack on India, Navy chief Admiral DK Joshi has warned. “If there are arms and ammunition and their existence is not known, it could lead to such a situation (26/11) in anybody’s...