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    Is there work up North???

    I ask due to the fact that I live in Sheffield & with having a young family & a demanding full time job I find it difficult to undertake any CP work. What with all the work that’s been offered to me has been based down South (mainly London) so I’m finding it difficult to find a happy medium. :(...
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    Are you requiring or waiting on a SIA application form?

    As ask due to the fact that the Bell Ends at SIA have sent me not 1 but 2 forms to renew my DS licence which expires in Nov. But (this is the funny bit) I have already recently obtained my CP licence from them, with obviously 3 years left on it, plus it supersedes the DS one!!! So what’s...
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    Your thoughts please guys.........

    Do you personally think that an individual would struggle to break into the CP circuit without time served in the military or police?
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    yorkie030 Introduction on 26th March 2008

    Hi all, I new to the CP game but have been in security all my working life. I am therefore wishing to get on the CP circuit & any help or advise will be gratefully received. Cheers :) Q. Do you represent a company? A. No - I would however like to recommend my training provider 'Clearwater...