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    Speedy Weight Loss

    Chicken and broccoli diet works great short term but isn't a fun time!!
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    Buakow Intro

    Good luck mate, the name also caught my eye!! Not very good at Muay Thai myself but we go there on holiday and stay/train at Fairtex. More of a Yodsanklai fan myself Chok dee khap.
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    Current SIA renewal turnaround?

    45 days now. Spoken to colleagues who have just had theirs renewed in under 5 days. Apparently I'm just waiting for someone to "push a button" to approve me . . Very worrying times with mortgage, bills and Christmas to pay for.
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    Current SIA renewal turnaround?

    It's frustrating that there's no longer a contact number for the SIA as my application for renewal doesn't seem to be moving at all now . . .
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    Current SIA renewal turnaround?

    I'm now 18 days into my application and still at "next steps" stage of the renewal process . . .
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    Current SIA renewal turnaround?

    Cheers Alex, I should be fine. Appreciate you taking the time to reply too. Thank you.
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    Current SIA renewal turnaround?

    Hello, just wondering if anyone has recently renewed their licence and what the current turnaround is (ish). Badge due to expire soon, so just hoping there isn't a massive backlog, like in the big rush to badge people up before the Olympics. Thanks, Paul.
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    CMT 1 qual Via TA route???

    Sorry for bringing up an old discussion, but I'm very interested in this as I'm about to start training as a CMT, after joining a non medical reserve unit. I'll update on here as I progress (if I have anything of value to other members). Thanks, Paul.
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    Weapons Qualifications

    This is what I was unsure about. Being proficient and being qualified are two different things. Thanks for the information. Research needed before I get my wallet out!
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    Dari speakers?

    You list Dari as one of your key skills on your profile mate. Might as well delete it . . .
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    Euro-tactical 4 days combines firearms

    Thank you for taking the time to write this review. Very helpful. I'm glad you had such a positive experience.
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    Weapons Qualifications

    I'll look into them now. Thanks for directing me to them.
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    Weapons Qualifications

    Hello, I've just come across a possible job that requires "Primary US military weapons qualifications" and wondered what UK/EU training providers (if any) can deliver them? Thanks.
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    What are you reading? Security Risk Management Book

    Just finished Civilian Warriors by Erik Prince and now reading American Sniper. Also listening to sofrep radio a lot lately and I'll start reading their ebooks.
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    An honest opinion from lads that have been around the estate

    If you don't take it, you'll probably regret it right away and for a very long time. Good luck. COYB.
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    Hamaswarlord Intro

    That's an interesting name.
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    Tactical Brilliance! Shut the fcukers down!

    Is there any footage of the brothers getting taken down? Only seen the Coulibaly video so far.
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    Tactical Brilliance! Shut the fcukers down!

    Good work. Now let's hope the UK is doing all we can to assist. Just been reminded by Sky News that it was the French who came up with "Londonistan" and recognised this was a safe haven for certain groups such as Algerian extremists.
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    As a Civi CP, does have TA on the CV help??

    I'm in the reserves now, yes. (Ex reg). I suggested joining forces (not specifically reserves) not just as a stepping stone but because military service can be extremely rewarding and beneficial in more ways than just CV building. Won't reservists deploy at all? I don't know. I couldn't...
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    As a Civi CP, does have TA on the CV help??

    If you have no prior military experience then I'd strongly recommend joining the reserves (or why not even the regular army?) as you could gain a lot from it and may even readjust your aims. Instead of using it as just a stepping stone towards a CP job that may or may not be there, the journey...
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