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    Council Owned company Security Officer Vancancy - Stockport, Gtr Manchester

    I am not the point of contact. A security company I work with are looking for staff. Its a Council run company so not some fly-by-night start up. The role mainly involves responding to alarms via the in-house control room. 2 jobs available at present, 1 is purely evenings and weekends - the...
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    CSCS Card for engineers

    Cheers fellas, I've posted my CV on a couple of sites and been comparing my quals to the lists of "essentials and desirables" on vacancies I've seen, quite a few ask for a CSCS card but don't state which one. From what I can gather its not particularly difficult or overly expensive so I' going...
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    CSCS Card for engineers

    Hi Folks I've had a quick search and couldn't find a definitive answer. Can anyone tell me which CSCS card they have to work as an intruder/cctv/door entry engineer. There are a couple of options I think cover the requirement: Experienced Technician, Supervisor or Manager Skilled Worker...
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    Three Peaks Challenge.

    A mate of mine did it for charity about 18 months ago, He's not a regular hill walker and he struggled a bit, his advice afterwards was make sure your boots are very well worn in, take a head torch and get someone else to do the driving. I've been thinking of doing them individually for fun...
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    Essex Headteacher Comes Under Fire For CCTV Installation In School Toilets

    I've no problem with it either, we have some in our local schools, they are monitored by school staff rather than an external monitoring company. They are there purely to prevent bullying and damage - quite often the toilets would get flooded because the sinks would be deliberately blocked and...
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    Royston’s Ring Of ANPR Steel Considered Unlawful

    I completely agree, I don't see what these groups are complaining about, I can see why people would object to traffic monitoring cameras used as a cash cow for Police and local authorities, like the ones issuing fines for accidentally obstructing a box junction for a few seconds on entering a...
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    Was it something I said?

    Well I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, but your swimming in the shallow end with me with regard to reputation, In fact given the length of time you've been on here and your number of posts I think its fair to say your reputations in the gutter! haha Your on 7771 which probably...
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    Was it something I said?

    Thanks! but remember - "with great power comes great responsibility"!
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    Was it something I said?

    Trying to be "Reputable"! ha I think the higher your rep count the greater the chances of you being a divorced alcoholic with a personality disorder but I'll await further evidence before making any judgements! haha You can afford to be blase about it Ivan your almost at the 27,000 rep...
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    Was it something I said?

    3280 - my 2 Likes were obviously worthless, If I was SCT and TMAC I'd feel a bit cheated!
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    Was it something I said?

    I think its a bit like "facebook friends", too many isn't cool, I reckon with anyone with more than 12 or 15 is trying to hard and is a bit..... sad! haha
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    Was it something I said?

    Rep points.... and inches (thanks for asking!) The big question is who's SCT been sleeping with to get 19837 points??
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    Was it something I said?

    10!... pffft
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    Was it something I said?

    just curious about mine now
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    10 x CCTV Instructors Needed!!!

    Ignorance excused... As with all SIA licensable activities there are core topics to cover and a minimum guided learning hours required before an exam or two. I did my training when it first came in and it was 4 days training with 2 exams but thats probably changed, it was harder than the...
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    Attack in Woolwich

    Having seen a snippet of the post attack rant online and having read this thread in its entirety, 2 things immediately stood out to me. Firstly the scumbag refered to the army as "our troops" as in "bring our troops home" not your troops. which is an odd thing to say, obviously he hadn't...
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    McQueens Bar/Club and Grill.

    probably still are.... it'll cost a damn site more now though, but at least they will have all their own teeth!
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    McQueens Bar/Club and Grill.

    I doubt it Vis but they sound very accomodating so probably won't mind if you take your own twigs and gravel to embelish your pint with.
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    US Citizens Welcome CCTV surveillance Following Boston Bombings

    I can't comment on America, I live in England and no one in our government (local and national) appear gives a cr@p about CCTV, the funding is slashed time and time again. Theres another thread about Glasgow getting a £25mil grant for CCTV, and as part of it a Labour politician has requested...
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    Carrying a torch when working.............

    I'd echoe what Sabre said above, you can get a far more powerful and efficient torch at half the size of a maglite, so a 6 cell Mag is only really worth having as a club and as your noty allowed to use it as such its pretty redundant. The cops I know used to have maglites but GMP replaced...
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