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    Keep butter in your diet... whats the breakdown of HDL and LDL cholesterol? Because not all cholesterol is created equal! If you want to change up your diet to make it healthier... I'd suggest ignore a lot of the malarkey that comes out of health professionals and look at zone diet or paleo...
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    Post incident forensics management, where did this come from?

    It is TPs finding another niche area to exploit nothing more. ISO28007 requires a PCASPs can secure a scene after a firearms incident and some PMSCs rather than organise documented procedures to follow or hold in house training merely pass the buck and want PCASP to have a course prior to...
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    Tanker missing off west Africa

    The vessel was hijacked and released / freed by Nigerian and French mil (depending on whose version your reading) not hijacked for cargo theft... but hijacked for hostages and robbery, but mainly hostages. The kidnapped a French national... who was rescued from the Delta soon after... the...
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    Serge, if you're looking for work send your details over to GoAGT they have vacancies

    Serge, if you're looking for work send your details over to GoAGT they have vacancies
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    PTSD in the Security Industry

    Terry There is a difference, military guys get counselling, support etc.... contractors don't! In addition to looking at current contractors I would think looking at former contractors and instances of PTSD might be something revealing. But I would say there are significant numbers of...
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    Depends on what market you really want to cater for, if you are looking for jobs that require some degree of language as a condition of employment then you really need to look at CEFR (European) or ILR (American) frameworks. Telc offer a basic Arab certificate under the CEFR framework telc...
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    Hijack off Bosaso

    But you've got to love the way the "politically motivated" elements are to be blamed... an excuse for some more arrests if ever I heard one.
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    Puntland Government

    I heard of this meeting, interesting development... and just brainstorming but if General Samatar's motivation is to restore Puntland to Federal Government control it is the logical first step. Even if there is no plan to restore Puntland to Federal Government control it is another step...
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    MSO KIA, 2 injured

    It's not the first time, it won't be the last. Pirates in GoG are not the same as in the Indian Ocean, resistance gets met with lethality. Hijacks are under-reported as are deaths, however these are not lilely to be westerners. Armed guards in the region are local military personnel on loan...
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    Puntland Government

    Oooohhh the prodigal son returns.... thats going to complicate things a bit. So poll time, whose side will he be on; Farole; the peoples or his own?
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    Puntland Government

    What about the reported attack by Al Shabaab near Bosasso BBC News - Somalia's al-Shabab targets Puntland military Should prove interesting.... 3 way conflict coming up? the people versus Farole versus Al-Shabaab?
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    Convoy Escort Programme LTD

    Wonder if they get the hump with everything thats happening :) (I know crappy joke, but someone had to say it lol)
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    Convoy Escort Programme LTD

    So from the SEMG report... Eaton (now known as Mandeeq) once owned Blackwater, is now owned by a company based in the UAE then linked to Saracen/ Sterling Corporate by a subsidiary Afloat Leasing with DMSS thrown into the mix as well... interesting combination of players involved
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    quick one regarding companys employing TCNs

    Or depending on who is involved in the operation... towards the end in Iraq after Britain pulled out, Brits were classed as TCNs as well by the septics. and much fun with USF-I badges, CAC Cards was had.... NOT
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    Pirates Hijack German Tanker Off Togo

    Licenses are an issue, so is the lack of ability to carry weapons in the region.
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    Pirate Season Under Way In Somalia

    and the nato website on 24/09
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    Puntland Government

    Saward Thanks for that, hadn't realised I had so much crap in there oops. Al
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    Puntland Government

    Ladies and gents After a bit of help. Does anyone have any contacts within the Puntland Regional Government? If so could you PM me and we can discuss out of the public eye. Thanks Al
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    Somalia: A transition to stability? I think NOT

    Unfortunately piracy in the Indian Ocean HRA is declining, people can argue against it, but it is reasonably obvious. Yes it is monsoon so it is a quiet time, but traditionally monsoon season has still seen some real attacks, average is around the 11 plus mark, and I am talking real attacks not...
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    MARSEC companies operating in the Gulf of Guinea.

    Except, West Africa is a nightmare to operate in. Yes MARSEC firms can operate there, but typically no guns are allowed. Mostly the MARSEC firms will provide unarmed advisers and local military forces provide the guys with guns. The West Coast is a completely different environment to East Coast...