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    Puntland Government

    Ladies and gents After a bit of help. Does anyone have any contacts within the Puntland Regional Government? If so could you PM me and we can discuss out of the public eye. Thanks Al
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    Happy Camerone Day

    To all the former FFL on the forum, Happy Camerone Day!
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    NATO Close Protection Agent, Escort Team

    I'm not the POC NATO are looking for a Close Protection Agent, NATO Country Nationals only apparently, but could be a good one to get on if you have the right background. See link below: NATO: Recruitment Service There are a few other jobs on there as well that maybe right for the right...
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    Iraq Visas

    Hey... has anyone else heard info that the MOI has stopped issuing Entry and Exit visas? Anybody got any updates or news about this?
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    Wpps 3

    Guys and girls Noticed on Fedbizopps website that the full RFP details for WPPS 3 have finally come out. Check the below link, some of the big companies- Dyncorp, SOC, EODT, SAIC- are interested vendors, which gives an rough indication of who will try and bid along with a lot of smaller firms...
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    PSC Team hit

    Guys and Gals Just seen via an int source that insurgents are claiming to have hit a PSD team in Baghdad on Friday in the vicinity of Mansour. Just wondering if anyone who has any updates or extra info could PM me pls- want to make sure various mates over here are still in one piece. Any...
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    Harrods,5640568752&key=12260516&c=895615561448&pagestamp=sevwerrgyuxrgmsiqo Could be a goodish role for the right person. Good luck Al
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    OPCW Guard Working for OPCW in The Hague, not a bad little number, mostly access control only.
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    Does anyone have any contact details for a recruiter for KBR? Thanks Al
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    SSAFE Medical Trainer

    ReliefWeb » Vacancy » SSAFE Medical Trainer / MCI Contingency Planner Maybe good for someone with medical expertise...
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    Physical Security Senior Analyst

    Maybe good for someone, although billed as an analyst role, more of a Security Manager's role. Aviva Careers
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    Special Tribunal for Lebanon

    Guys and Girls As the start date- supposed to be 1st March- is fast approaching I was just wondering if anyone else had applied for any position with them and if anyone had heard anything back in response to applications. Cheers Al
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    More Jobs

    Seem to be on a bit of a role today with the jobs- bored out of my f*****g mind- supposed to be writing a basic training course, but can't really be bothered for some reason. I've found some more jobs in case anyone is interested. A whole range of different areas available, security is right...
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    Security job vacancies

    Guys Far too many to list but look at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) due to open later this year in near Jaddah in Saudi Arabia. Looking for a fair number of security personnel- Supervisors upwards. Will also provide what looks to be good leisure/ living facilities...
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    Country Security Manager Iraq

    Found this job on Reliefweb, could be an interesting opportunity to put on the ground experience in Iraq and security management experience to use. Good luck Al Country Security Manager Tracking Code 2008187 Job Description The Country Security Manager in conjunction with the Director/Deputy...
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    Int Corps

    Since everyone else is posting about their units, thought I'd bravely open myself to potential ridicule and ask, are there any other ex Int Corps people on the site, or am I the only one?
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    A couple of funnies

    Found these on my computer, was sent them ages ago, but they're still worth a giggle..... The Taliban ...You refine heroin for a living, but you have a moral objection to beer. ...You own a $300 machine gun and $5,000 rocket launcher, but you can’t afford shoes. ...You have more wives than...
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    WPPS Courses

    Ok lads, I've been approached by an American firm- who shall remain nameless for obvious reasons- about me working for them. Slight problem is that I need to have attended and passed a WPPS accredited course. They are prepared to wait until I have attended the course, but won't sort it...
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    Powerboat/ riverine ops info reqd

    Guys and Girls I'm after a bit of info, does anyone know of any vacancies for riverine ops experienced guys? A former colleague of mine ex US SWCC has fallen on some hard times and several of us are trying to get him back on the straight and narrow, part of that is getting him a job. At the...
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    Intelligence Jobs

    Lads Does anyone know of any firm that recruits for Intelligence guys. I've got tactical protective intelligence experience- HUMINT analysis, Targeting and Interrogation, originally as a support to CP and other security ops. I've also worked a couple of contracts with Intelligence gathering...