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    On phone navigation

    Good Afternoon all. Does anyone have any good recommendations for on phone navigation? I don't like Google Maps and Waze is a joke on GPS front. Offline mapping would be a bonus. TYIA
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    Media CPO (not POC)
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    Rolling Thunder rally ‍♂️

    Next one 28th August 2021. All the best. ‍♂️
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    CPO tasking

    Good Evening all. CPO for EU Delegation West Bank & Gaza - Minimal Risk ( JFYI post. I am NOT the POC. Regards.
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    Missed the boat??

    Appreciate it
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    Missed the boat??

    Thank you for your reply. Kind regards
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    Missed the boat??

    Good Morning Sir. I am 36, five years AFO and now response. I am considering doing RST myself plus CP course. Please keep me updated. stay safe
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    Merry Christmas

    Happy new year to one and all. Stay safe out there [emoji106]
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    Combat stress

    A pleasure. Stay safe out there.
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    Combat stress

    Take a look at combatStress's Tweet:
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    merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

    Merry Christmas to all. Stay safe out there
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    Ringleader's Cousin Blew Herself Up In Raid
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    Get Licensed

    Hi all. In November 2014 I successfully completed a "Top-up Training for Door Supervisors" course to get my Door Supervisor (DS) badge renewed (yet to be renewed BTW). I am led to believe that there have been changes now and I need to do another course? Can anyone confirm? Stay safe out there!
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    Merry Christmas 2014 from CPWORLD

    Merry Christmas ladies and gents, stay safe out there!
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    Which belt?

    Honest John - Civilian Lab Covert Loader RG --- EE33 Tactical Outfitters - no idea of what you do etc, but just an option I saw the other day for someone in a similar situation to yourself....mods if this isn't allowed then please feel free to remove. Stay safe!
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    Sweet Justice

    I would just like to send my condolences to both the families of those killed in this tragedy @--\---- RIP
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    Goliath Initiator Boots

    Hi all. Sorry to bring up old thread but I've just come across a massive slit at bottom of one of my boots! Gutted and rain is finding its way in. Is there any specific glue or trick I can use to close it up ( it opens up as I walk). I'm thinking superglue but then is it really that 'super' to...
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    any good/bad experiences with these gloves please? Thank you and stay safe
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    Poppy seller burned in aerosol attack in Manchester

    What's the situation with this now ladies and gents? Stay safe