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    Anybody working in California ?

    If so this may be a good class to attend. It was referred by a friend who took this class last year and he says it was incredible. We shall see. Although I have many years of experience I am always up for new training. I signed up as well. Maybe Ill see one of you...
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    Guardian Executive protection school

    Wanted to share this link. I attended this course last year and was really impressed. Especially if you live in California this is worth attending. I found it to be one of the best and was happy to see it was actually affordable as well.
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    West africa

    Anybody have recent experience in west Africa. Guinea / sierra leone ?
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    Advice about working in west africa

    I am looking for some information on working in West Africa. Sierra Leon and Guinea in particular. I was wondering if any of you gentlemen have had any recent experience in the region. If so I would appreciate any info you could help with. Please PM me.
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    Executive Protection, PSD, Bodyguard

    1. Employer Company Name Guardian Protection Force Inc 2. Company Website 3. Required Skills/qualifications Extensive Executive Protection Experience. 4. Job Description Executive Protection, PSD, Bodyguard, CLOSE PROTECTION SERVICES 5. Salary...
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    California Company Hiring Armed and unarmed Security officers

    They conduct private investigations and executive protection. I didn't see an add for hiring close protection/ bodyguarding ect however Here is a link to the website. Below is the add I saw on another site. Guardian Protection Force Inc., - Home When was the last time you asked what...
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    un armed cash carriers

    When I traveled to the U.K. I noticed a cash transporter who was unarmed. The guy had a brief case and riot gear. He had the brief case handcuffed to him. Is this common for you folks across the pond? I find it crazy. I couldn't imagine strapping all of that money to myself and running...
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    Defensive tactics course in California

    If you are in California you might want to consider going to these courses. They are geared for executive protection and security personnel but open to the public. Guardian Protection Force Inc., - Blog - Protective Tactics
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    Close Protection or Executive Protection?

    I know many of you are from the U.K. Here in the U.S. nobody uses the term Close protection. I only heard this term while within the U.K. Generally anything that is considered close protection is referred to as EP and sometime dignitary protection or personal protection here in the U.S. Is...
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    Company hiring for executive protection

    1. Employer Company Name Guardian Protection Force Inc 2. Company Website Guardian Protection Force Inc., - Home 3. Required Skills/qualifications 4. Job Description Bodyguard, executive protection, close protection, investigations 5. Salary 6. Close Date 7. Contact Details...
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    shinobisecurity Intro

    Q. What area of the Security Industry are you interested in? A. Executive Protection and investigations Q. Do you represent a company, if so what's the company name and your role? A. No Q. What do you hope to gain from the Close Protection World forum? A. Casual talks with people from...