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    Weapons - collectors or psyhopaths?

    Reading the article through fast shows, that this guy has serious problems. Collecting things -even weapons- surely is not the problem here. Yes, maybe a small sign, but there are so many signs in that article that show he is unstable. Biggest problem is problably communication, or the lack of...
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    Advanfort worker get 5 years in prison

    Have been keeping in touch with this, since it is a big deal/news here in Estonia since there are 14 Estonians jailed. Firstly I can say that I am happy, that our media has come to terms in the last year or so and doesn´t call them piratehunters, as they did also at the start. Every day...
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    Diesel the hero

    Just because you do not know the names, doesn`t mean we don`t. From the first google search link. Just some names and some stories. Stories of those who died in the Paris attacks - US News RIP Diesel
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    CViT questions for this new guy

    Just for my own knowledge. Are the CViT guys armed in UK ?
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    Hey, Julian, Found this site AEDSS - Private Security | Risk Management Company loks like a...

    Hey, Julian, Found this site AEDSS - Private Security | Risk Management Company loks like a ripoff from Aegis. Tried to send an e-mail. Was not delivered. Any input about this? Doesn`t look legit. Thank you for your reply, Randel
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    I would recommend you check the english spelling on your homepage. All the best.
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    been 'off line for a few days...

    Only thing worse than a one ply toilet paper is no toilet paper. Fck those "firehoses" in toilets. Like I would not have something else and useful to put in my pack.
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    SGA France

    I must correct you on one point, Heimrisks. You can get SIA licenced when living outside of UK/not working in UK. "Looking at my licence right now."
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    Losing fat in a confined environment

    First of all I am not a PT. That said I would recommend you look up High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Just google it lots of articles and tips. Also Youtube is full on different training videos, where you don`t need much, if any, gym equipment. Most positive thing about it is that it...
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    Absolute Twat

    Had it coming for sure :) Happens quite frequently here. That kid should be punished for raping the language!
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    Gulf Of Guinea

    I myself have`nt been there, but I think this article may say something: Nigeria to detain foreign guards | Maritime Security Review Also looking at the piracy updates, then there has been one hijacking of a fishing vessel and an attempt on a tanker this year. Hope others may have more...
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    Private Security Services

    I get you, man. I am not sure about the weather also. One day it rains, the other day it snows. So weird.
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    Liverpool The Latest City To Utilise Nightclub Breathalysers

    It seems pretty much a waste of time. Especially when there are lots of costumers. If the security tells someone he/she is too drunk to enter, then that should be it. DS should not have to prove that the costumer is too drunk. If the costumer doesn`t want to accept that, then I am pretty sure a...
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    I like that driver, who is just driving by right in front of the line of fire when the shooter has his/her weapon allready up. No breaking, no accelerating. Not to mention the people right next to the bike. Must have been blind and/or deaf. Atleast the people in the restaurant reacted.
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    Getting work with my experience?

    One thing comes to mind - money
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    Diplomatic PSD Operator making a transition to the Hostile Environment sector

    -Currently operating as a Maritime Security Operator and are making the natural transition to the Hostile Environment sector of the Close Protection industry -Previously served in the Estonian Defence Forces for 6 years, attaining the rank of Sergeant -Gained vast consolidated experience...
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    9 year old shoots firearms instructor

    I assume that from the video. The girls bodylanguage tells me, that she isn`t really comfortable handling weapons (even if it was her first time with that Uzi). Thats why I assumed that. I am by no means an expert- just my opinion. Guess only the family knows that. I have no problem people...
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    9 year old shoots firearms instructor

    Shooting instructor dies after being accidentally shot by girl | Las Vegas Review-Journal With a cut video. Feel bad for that little girl, who problably was only there, because her parents put her up to that.
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    Wee bit of help SIA

    There is no understanding them, I fear. Took me a long time to finally get my licence. Even if you send them everything like they ask on the homepage, they still may reject your application. Examples from myself and others I know who have applied for outside of UK: *It states on the homepage...