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    Covert Holsters & Covert Carry Kits

    We have just added a section for Covert Holsters & Covert Carry Kits due to great demand from Police clients. Feel free to take a look :)
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    10% discount off all tactical kit

    Intelligent Armour Limited offer all CPW Members a 10% discount off all tactical kit. All you have to do is use discount code UKF09 when ordering. Orders can be taken over the telephone or you can order via our website. We are UK based and have over 15 brands of tactical products, as well as...
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    advice when sending out CV's

    Guy's/Gals a little advice when sending out CV's to companies... If you ever want to get your CV read, add a covering letter. Address the email like you would any letter, dont just attach a CV to a blank email. If you include a photo (good idea) make sure that it is a good one - not...
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    South East UK - TASK

    I have a urgent CP/RST Task in the South East UK. I need a big lad who is exArmy, and who is handy, yet smart and has worked with a family before. if you are not exArmy and not over 6ft, dont apply. Email CV's with photo and references.
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    Intelligent Armour - Showroom

    We have now opened our showroom at our offices, please feel free to pop in for a look and for a coffee.
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    Reception Drinks

    Intelligent Armour is going to be holding reception drinks for members of CP World to enable them to see our new show room. This will take place at our offices in Gloucestershire at some point in early Spetember. I will post up a date and full details in due course. Kit aside, i have a very...
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    Danner boots

    Intelligent Armour Limited has now got a full fange of Danner Boots: Desert Boots Danner Desert Acadia Hot Military Boots - Mojave Olive Danner Fort Lewis Desert Boots Danner Desert Acadia Temperate Military Boots Danner Desert TFX Rough Out Hot Military Boots Black Boots Danner APB Leather...
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    Defensive Driver Training

    Hi all, Intelligent Training International Limited has just finished the first part of a three year UN contract for Defensive Driver Training. Anyone interested in this type of training, please see our website:
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    PFOA - Police Firearms Officers Association

    Intelligent Armour Limited are proud Sponsors and Supporters of the Police Firearms Officers Association. The PFOA was established in 2010 to give support and advice to Police Firearms Officers and their families. Police Firearms Officers Association members can benefit from a 15% Discount on...
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    Fri 9th April 2010 - CP World networking event

    For those interested in kit, Intelligent Armour Limited will have a large stand at the CP World networking event. We will be taking quite a bit of kit with us and will be taking orders on the day. For those that have not seen our Lightweight Covert Dyneema Body Armour (as used by UK Gov...
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    Oakley SI Ballistic Sunslasses

    Hi all, for your stilish fcukers, we have a large range of Oakley SI Sunglasses that offer balistic protection :) please have a look, all prices are very low and we have a large stock. Alex
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    Anyone interested, we now have a stock of the new Blackhawk MULTICAM range being posted this week. By sunday all porducts will be listed. see: MULTICAM Tactical Gear
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    Tactical trousers/pants

    At Intelligent Armour Limited we have lowered the price of our trousers: 5.11 Cotton Tactical Trousers £25.00 plus VAT & Shipping 5.11 Taclite Pro Trousers/Pants £27.50 plus VAT & Shipping 1000's of pairs now in stock in most colours/sizes.
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    10% CP World Discount

    Intelligent Armour Limited offer a 10% discount to all members of CP World forum. (Please use discount code UKF09 when ordering) We carry a large range of Body Amrour, Boots, Bags and tactical gear all at low prices. New stock includes:Under Armour and Danner Boots If anyone has any...
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    updated/new on-line store

    Hi all, Intelligent Armour Limited now has uploaded our new on-line store. the new site is Home | Intelligent Armour Limited - Insight, Not Hindsight the old URL also works :-) We now offer a 10% discount to all HMF & CPO's. This month we will be adding Magnum Boots and also a few more...
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    Oakley Sunglasses

    Hi all, if you did not know, we are stocking a full range of Oakley Sunglasses to help all CPO's look good :-) All are prices are very, very fair! Oakley SI Sunglasses, sunglasses for Police, Military and Close Proetection
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    Blackhawk/5.11 Tactical

    hi all, just a word of advice to anyone wanting to order Blackhawk or 5.11 Tactical products. At the moment all UK suppliers are having to wait 4-10 weeks for stock to come in to the country. this is due to the fact that due to the ressession both companies are holding less stock and are...
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    Fjallraven clothing

    Hi all, Intelligent Armour Limited have now started stocking Fjallraven Trousers, Fjallraven Jackets and Fjallraven shirts. These are of a much higher quality than Blackhawk or 5.11 Tactical and gives you the opportunity not to look like the bloke stood next to you! The Fjallraven brand is...
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    CWP London Meeting

    On behalf of "Intelligent Armour Limited" i just want to thank all those who visited our stand at CPW London meeting. It was good to meet so mant people that i have spoken to over the past few months. what i was most impressed with was the feed back about our lightweight Dyneema body armour...
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    Intelligent Armour Limited - update

    Hi all, we are now stocking the following due to demand: Heckler and Koch HK14100 Knife Blackhawk Hawkhook Rescue Knife Blackhawk UK Special Forces Knife Lowa Boots Timberland Boots Oakley SI Boots Blackhawk Boots 5.11 Tactical Boots Oakley SI Assault Gloves (Desert) Oakley SI Assault...