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    Covert Holsters & Covert Carry Kits

    We have just added a section for Covert Holsters & Covert Carry Kits due to great demand from Police clients. Feel free to take a look :)
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    best grab bag

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    Covert body armour vests

    We sell them - 10% off all body armour and tactical products for CP World members.
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    advice when sending out CV's

    I can understand some of your rants here guys and yes, i do understand the fact that the TA does a good job in support of the regular army, SF or otherwise. The medical side of the Army would not function without the TA; that i know and respect. The reason why the British Government use the TA...
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    10% discount off all tactical kit

    Intelligent Armour Limited offer all CPW Members a 10% discount off all tactical kit. All you have to do is use discount code UKF09 when ordering. Orders can be taken over the telephone or you can order via our website. We are UK based and have over 15 brands of tactical products, as well as...
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    advice when sending out CV's

    Oh please, you cant really be saying that TA SAS are any where near the standard of serving troopers! Yes, there are some TA blokes that have done more tours than regular army; but then they did not get off there arses and join up did they? The fact is, we have set standards of employment...
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    advice when sending out CV's

    Guy's/Gals a little advice when sending out CV's to companies... If you ever want to get your CV read, add a covering letter. Address the email like you would any letter, dont just attach a CV to a blank email. If you include a photo (good idea) make sure that it is a good one - not...
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    South East UK - TASK

    Job filled. Thanks for your fast email and CV Tony :-)
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    South East UK - TASK

    I have a urgent CP/RST Task in the South East UK. I need a big lad who is exArmy, and who is handy, yet smart and has worked with a family before. if you are not exArmy and not over 6ft, dont apply. Email CV's with photo and references.
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    Intelligent Armour - Showroom

    We have now opened our showroom at our offices, please feel free to pop in for a look and for a coffee.
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    Reception Drinks

    Intelligent Armour is going to be holding reception drinks for members of CP World to enable them to see our new show room. This will take place at our offices in Gloucestershire at some point in early Spetember. I will post up a date and full details in due course. Kit aside, i have a very...
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    Danner boots

    Intelligent Armour Limited has now got a full fange of Danner Boots: Desert Boots Danner Desert Acadia Hot Military Boots - Mojave Olive Danner Fort Lewis Desert Boots Danner Desert Acadia Temperate Military Boots Danner Desert TFX Rough Out Hot Military Boots Black Boots Danner APB Leather...
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    "bullet" / shrapnel proof sunglasses?

    Oakley is the best. At Intelligent Armour, we offer both fashion Ballistic Oakley sunglasses and the shooting/tactical type. Both have Oakley Ballistic lenses :) CP World members also get a 10% discount using...
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    Police boots

    Please feel free to check out our boot section and for any help and advice, please give me a call at Intelligent Armour Limited. Intelligent Armour stock more brands of Tactical boots than any other tactical store in Europe. We also offer a 10% discount to CP World members (use discount code...
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    Afghan Packing List

    If you need any kit, feel free to check out our website at Intelligent Armour Limited. We supply tactical body armour, Combat Boots and clothing to most major CP firms and government units. We manufacture our own body armour unlike many other firms that only resell. Our new Dyneema Armour is...
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    Defensive Driver Training

    Hi all, Intelligent Training International Limited has just finished the first part of a three year UN contract for Defensive Driver Training. Anyone interested in this type of training, please see our website:
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    Police boots

    Please feel free to check out the tactical boots at Intelligent Armour Limited. We have a large range and give a 10% discount to CP World members (use discount code UKF09 when ordering) HanWag Military Special Forces Boots Danner Tactical Military Boots Lowa Military Boots Magnum Military...
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    PFOA - Police Firearms Officers Association

    Intelligent Armour Limited are proud Sponsors and Supporters of the Police Firearms Officers Association. The PFOA was established in 2010 to give support and advice to Police Firearms Officers and their families. Police Firearms Officers Association members can benefit from a 15% Discount on...
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    CP world event........

    Great to meet everyone and very good to talk to you guys/girls. From the point of view thou of someone who has worked in the industry since leaving the army in 97, and who has owned his own company for 8 years; some of you really need to be realistic about getting work in the CP industry...
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    feel free to check out our range of boots. are prices are checked each week and we are some of the lowest in europe.