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    Gents. A mate of mine is looking for some CVs in case he gets any further contracts on the maritime side. At the moment he is only looking for guys with maritime experience. If anyone wants to send me a copy of their CVs and seamans cards/books please feel free to do so and I can then...
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    May lead to something...

    Guys. There MAY be an oppertunity coming up in near future in the maritime industry. I know we have all heard it before but if anyone wants to send their cv to me, feel free to do so. I am currently abroad at the moment (30th Oct) and will be off comms for next 10...
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    Decent Day Rate

    Gents, after some input here. What do most of the guys on here think is a good day rate for working in the Maritime side of the industry (Gulf of Aden) This would be from leaving home to arriving back home again. Stay safe DD :confused: