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    Surveillance, Glasgow area

    I require an operator for some work in the Glasgow area - MUST have checkable experience. Duration is minimum 1 week with a possibility of extension. Car licence essential as well as knowledge of photography and you will be in interviewed prior to commencement. Any chancers will be named and...
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    Surv operator required, London

    Guys, I require an operator with a bike licence for a surv task in London. Dates 20th, 21st and 22nd of May. PM me a brief career outline and I will reply with full details if selected. Cheers
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    Surv/RST required

    2 operators required. Working in the north london area, Driving licence required. Job will last approx 5 days. PM me a brief career synopsis - I will reply with daily rate and further intructions. Many thanks
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    Emirates stadium

    Any security guys working the emirates stadium on wed night?:confused:
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    Just read an article on the terrible incident in Antrim with the two engineers. It states that the armed civilian guards stood by and failed to react to the gunmen. Now I wasnt there, but I have been in this situation and to hear this shocks, but does not surprise me. I have experiance of...
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