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    wat do u reckon

    last sat early hours of sunday morning while working on my door i had sum bother with a couple of lads, the short version basically is. i spoke to the lad before he entered the bar an told him to behave himself tonight, once i did so the lad stood there an said to me. U THINK UR HARD DONT YA...
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    hostile enviro sia?

    im just curious as to why nearly or shud i say most cp employers insist on lads having a cp licence to work in a hostile enviroment wen theres no need outside the uk? id of thought bein ex army infantry etc would be more than enuf? but then u get lads leaving the forces from the rlc etc. doing a...
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    is it wise to keep a general purpose sec dog in the home especially with young children
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    advice please!!

    hello all im quite new on here so i apologise if this is an old topic. il start with some background info first. im 27 and a ex british army infantry soldier i left nearly 2 years ago now an fell straight into security work. im currrently in charge of a control room for a small security firm up...
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