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    Looking for local information regarding the Paris riots

    Any agents based in Paris with up to date information regarding the status of the riots? A client will be in the country on a trip and has safety concerns. Of course I will try to persuade them to use a professional service, but its doubtful. Is it widespread, localized? Hows it affecting...
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    Rookie on the scene!

    Google Google Google, Network Network Network and Google some more! Times are tough mate, plenty of people on the scene but not enough positions, or at least are not being advertised publicly for fear of a million CV's coming their way. Get onto LinkedIn, join some FB groups and sign up to a...
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    Info regarding SYI Level 5 diploma

    Anybody?!? Sent from my iPod touch using Close Protection World
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    Info regarding SYI Level 5 diploma

    Guys and girls, Im about to start the security management - Btec level 5 Diploma in Security management with Perpetuity Training SyIdiploma Just a few questions to those that have already completed it this course. The only info I found on here so far is from a thread in 2010, so I think...
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    Aegis Fitness test

    Depends what project your on: Orchid, nothing but on the MATRIX (which is now finished) the requirements were - 2miles in body armour (inc side plates), radio and 8 magazines with weapon and helmet, time of 21 mins The fit for role - 200m patrol out, 200m pairs fire an manouver, 400m...
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    Aegis jobs

    Reading this thread I thought I would pitch in with my 2 pence worth. Theres probably a reason that Ugandans are now being used as team members, thats because they are cheap! A lot cheaper than what you would get a local for, I have worked with these guys before on my first contract with SOC...
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    Distance Learning

    Im currently over halfway through the terrorism studies cert, il be posting a review when I complete it fully. I do belive it is overpriced and the web system for the course isnt the greatest, its always crashing on me and I have to review previous tabs in order to proceed to the next lesson if...
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    Question regarding Iraqi Tax and new airport rules

    Finally some answers to my question without a question. Cheers for theresponse guys, I do believe your correct Argyll, companies are protecting theirprofits, and hence we have now been told the amount is dependent on personalcircumstances, EG: Married, pay into private pension, pay voluntary NI...
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    Question regarding Iraqi Tax and new airport rules

    Scotsmandwp Thanks mate, all the best, if this tax thing starts to get out of hand il prob be joining you outta this place!
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    Question regarding Iraqi Tax and new airport rules

    My mate Jimmy from round the block told me for $5! No it was from our company Ops officer, wev all (in my company) been sent the email and had the brief regarding this 2 days ago and what our procedures are now regarding new rules. Im simply wanting to know has anyone else been told something...
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    Question regarding Iraqi Tax and new airport rules

    Hi guys, just a couple of questions I thought id throw out there to the guys on the curcuit in Iraq. The word on the street is that the company Im working for is the only one that require their employees to pay Iraqi tax which is currently 5-10% looking at possibly 15% next year, whereas...
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    Question; on flying via Dubai/Oman/Abu Dhabi

    Guys thanks for your responses, much appreciated, its helped cleared a few things up.
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    Question; on flying via Dubai/Oman/Abu Dhabi

    Hi all, Just wanted to know if anyone has any info on the latest information regarding taking body armour, GPS equipment etc out to Iraq flying via Dubai/Abu Dhabi/Oman? I use to go though Istanbul which was fine. There was a massive hoo haa sometime ago regarding going through other Middle...
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    Assistance for link "Consultants guide to Ship Anti Piracy work in GoA"

    Can anyone supply me with another link for the sticky "Consultants guide to Ship Anti Piracy work in GoA" Everytime I try clicking on it I get errors come up, dont know if anyone else is having this problem, whever its a regional thing from where I am but other links are also broken. Cheers all.
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    Are you considering doing a CP Course if so answer this question for me.

    I think thats a good attitude Olks. Currently working in the Middle East myself and I hear a lot from the others talking about how great they are and how they are experts in the field/risk consulting, why? Because they spent a few years in the Mil and done a CP course? I like everyone else have...
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    Iv only just seen this post whilst browsing. My wife is a doctor and was running a study for PTSD in London (she has now finished this position but the study is still ongoing). From what I gathered when speaking with her, the Brits have p[retty much done bugger all in this research, an most of...
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    SOC - Convoy escort TLs

    Taff is completely right, I too have worked for these people, and apart from getting a foot in the door and in country theres little else these people can offer, Brits are treated as TCN's and everything is about saving money, including on equipment. When I was with them they employed a used car...
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    SOC Contract

    Is anyone flying from heathrow at 1600 on boxing day, there are two of is so far.
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    Joining the legion

    Go onto amazon website and get the book "Life in the French Foreign Legion: How to join and what to expect When You Get There" Having read a few books on the subject this was the most informative, however, don't get caught up in any of the romantic notions of the 'last great unknown' You will...