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    just wondering

    hey lads sorry to bother you with what might be a needless question but. with the trouble in Israel at the moment is there any potential work for PMC/private security? I keep seeing the problems and can't help but think of the potential work/pay that can be made in this I get the fact that the...
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    SC cleared candidates sought for ongoing work

    I put my hat in the ring
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    Is to just me

    Is it just me or is anyone else waiting for the private security contracts to drop with the Israel thing now?
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    CP in Iraq

    If you go for it and need a spair give me a shout id come along
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    RST team members required

    What's the job? how much? Is it in the uk or over seas?
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    Does anyone know of any Maritime work going on? I would like to get my boots wet and start this new part of the career I have been working on. Thank you