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    Iba course romania

    Ive never had one. and have never seen an instructor have one, but i have come across two both were by recruits at depot.
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    Iba course romania

    Weapons training by Jim Shortt? There is a video on youtube with him having an negligent discharge with a 9mm pistol, Not to mention his dodgey weapon handling skills that are probably passed from instructor to student, but then again he is competent isnt he.
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    Iba course romania

    So duncan when your were training people with the IBA im sure you were aware of all the false claims on the IBA website like SIA approved, Microsoft, FBI. you must have known these were false and yet contuined to take your bite of the cherry.
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    Iba course romania

    Imo Duncan is just as bad as Jim Shortt, "Who is more the fool? the fool?, or the fool who follows him?" How can Duncan be associated with a guy that wears fake medals from WW2, fake Papal Knighthoods, Para Reg/SAS ? Courses that are not worth the paper the certs are printed on. You can go on...
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    Daily Workout Thread

    10 miler tonight 40Lbs done and dusted in 1hr 33 Happy days.
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    Is being ex-forces the be all and end all in this industry now?

    I think its right for the company's to take on only ex mill, not many civi's have been in contact I would think.
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    Iba course romania

    So is Duncan going to answer the questions put to him on here or not? Master Jim has trained his young Jedi well. Even after all of the exposure of the IBA he's still in bed with Jim Shortt.
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    Call of Duty-Modern Warfare 2

    I got this sent to me in an email link, Call of Duty rage. YouTube - MODERN WARFARE 2 SUCKS!!! - (Original)
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    SIA are a joke

    I apologise for offending you KNASHER
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    SIA are a joke

    I apologise for offending you KNASHER
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    Another Nigerian Scam.

    Theres a guy that seeks out these scammers and winds them right he has a site and documents the emails to and from them, he gets them to use codenames in case his wife finds out and gets the scammers to take photos of themselves, the comedy value is awsome. Ebola Monkey Man: Nigerian 419 Scam
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    scots guards

    Good luck to all the Scots Guards just starting their tour, stay safe
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    Daily Workout Thread

    This morning i went a 15 mile cycle, and in the evening i did 10miles 44lbs at 10min 38s miles.
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    Run Keeper iPhone App

    I`ve been using this too, its really accurate and probably the most used app on my iphone apart from grinder lol.
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    I go running around Chaterhault Country Park with one great bit of kit :)
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    SIA are a joke

    What the he'll is wrong with the SIA vetting, I was out yesterday checking out new power tools for my shed at B&Q.while the misses checked out the wallpaper I spotted the security guard as soon he rounded the corner of the aisle, still had brown sauce on his chin from his breakfast,creased...
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    Blackwater hit squads: What was the cia thinking?

    i think Erik Prince is trying to kick start the crusades, i read that all the blackwater callsigns are named after knight templer names.
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    jim shortt`s `video response

    lucky if he even did 30 days as a blanket stacker according to the paper work he posted before being SNLR`ED lol. cant wait to read what excuse he comes out with for wearing the ww2 medals rofl
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    glasgow door firms Flexibility

    hey guys i just finished a ds course in glasgow, and i am wondering if there is anyone on these boards thats in the glasgow circuit, that can give some heads up on any companys that are easy going regarding shifts, ive got some commitments to 4para,that id like to keep :)