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    What the hell’s a tactical pen?

    Uk can easily be an offensive weapon- If in the unlikely event you A meet a cop B they know the law
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    CPWorld conference (11th Nov 2023)

    Well done. Great event.
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    Been away for a few years but now back at it

    Happy times in the past. Make new ones. Regards
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    new business startup

    Good advice,network and spell check! Always lots to learn good luck.
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    RIPA(S) FOR DUMMIES, or just one in particular

    Ripa (uk) RIPA is all about Govermnt bodies- Police- Customs -trading standards and MOD yes and RMP etc. Local authorities comply with it and some investigators follow the spirit of the Act. You must read up on ECHR as well if you are going for a job interview and you bluff it you will come...
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    Thanks nice to know whats out there and what quals are needed. Got to keep on top of your CIPD ! (Continued individual profesional development!). well said Covert munkey.
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    A Question

    Other people (SF Marines CIV POLICE overseas) etc can attend and recenently TA bod did it.
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    Motorola HT600e help

    See radio swap shop on webb.
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    Motorola HT600e help

    If on the business frequency you need to speak to the supplier NOT legal to use some of the ex job radios in UK and you would need a OFFCOM licence any way. (May be an ex police radio not re programmed )
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    equipment advice

    Yep hidden tech is best you get what you pay for!!
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    equipment advice

    Maplins cheep and disposable.
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    Should you & your dog be physicaly fit for the security dog industry?

    Dog fit If its a snifer (Drugs dog) can it do it with three legs ? Or do you sack it after all that training! So depends on role and capability? If its a tracker which would you want after you ? A blood hound or german shep (Alsatian) both v effective. Dog and handler in these circs should be...
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    911training Introduction on 13th March 2010

    No regulation for the private surveillance operator?? Watch out if you are not RIPA compliant ! Go with the spirit of the act ? can be costly-See article The Times Jan 18th 2007 (Criminal investigators) and there is more recent stuff out there- anti terror regulations/law etc !! Trespass- so...
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    911training Introduction on 13th March 2010

    Need to know where you oppo is ? use Tom tom buddy- safe and usefull for Cp and surveillance drills!!
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    911training Introduction on 13th March 2010

    Suggested introduction template is below Q. Do you represent a company? A. Yes own my own surveillance training company Q. What area's in the Security Industry are you interested in? A. Surveillance and CP Q. What do you hope to get from the forum? A. intell updates and networking Q...