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    Smallest Tracker on the market, used by Police

    Do you know if you are able get one you can also connect to the car battery??
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    Hi and welcome to my profile. Any tips & advice please post. Much appreciated. Stay Safe

    Hi and welcome to my profile. Any tips & advice please post. Much appreciated. Stay Safe
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    What is your favourate Sidearm???

    Glock 17, 19, it is the one for me. but not the G26
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    Tomorrow - Union Jack Club

    Enjoy tomorrow. JMA
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    WarwickshireInvestigation Introduction on 05th November 2008

    Hi Maria, Welcome to CPW, and thanks for the information. Need any help in the North East contact me anytime. JMA
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    Views wanted,

    Keep it inside the law. Client might not like you in the moment but will respect you in the future. You will also go into next job with head high. Keep it straight, it will only bite you in the end.
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    Because in this business you get so many cowboys. Be nice with a site ( not possible ) with a rating system / feedback like eBay. Danish, live in UK. Close protection course 1995 ( Farleigh Projects / Group 4 UK ) 8 years Military back ground. Sgt. - VIP convoy instructor, Recce. Been out...
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    owenb1983 Introduction on 01st November 2008

    Welcome to CPW. happy hunt. JMA
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    List Of Companies Now Attached

    Thanks. thumbs up!
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    Guards Regiment ( Not UK )

    Ex. Sgt. Royal Danish Guards. 1989. Want to say hello, and to see if their are any other Guards from around the World.
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    Five Minute Management Course

    lol. n5 lol
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    kaloyan Introduction on 30th October 2008

    Welcome to CPW. Happy hunt JMA
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    Please don't slag off companies - heres why

    Why not let people tell their stories but without any names? JMA
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    CCTV Live stream Online

    Hi Does anybody knows if there are any sites with live cctv footage one the web. If yes could you post them here. Thanks. Also have you ever come across anybody selling 2nd hand high quality cctv equipment. ( Not ebay ) JMA
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    Yorkie999 Introduction on 28th October 2008

    Welcome onboard. Happy hunt. JMA
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    jayman Introduction on 29th October 2008

    Hi , Welcome to CPW. All the best and see you around. jma
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    Equipment - footwear

    I personally never liked the magnum boots though they been very popular. I'll stick to Danner boots.