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    Please read and help if you can- injured operator in need of help

    Hi Guys, Not been around for some due to work, work and work. Please follow the below link, Kyff is a friend from Afghanistan. He is in desperate need of help after a serious accident whilst on leave. There is a donate button at the bottom of the page. Please help if you can however small...
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    Dismounted Patrol Medical Bergan

    I will give it a looking at when im back in blighty. Dr MikeM- PM a address mate its too big to email ( i will of course try first)
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    SOS - Frontline Ambulance & Primary Care Clinic Attachments

    Chris, As always a first class course. I for one have a graduate from this couse working as my back to back at the minute. Apart from having a beard and been a jock hes a first class medic with great feedback from the team and clients alike. Good drills mate KTM Afghanistan.
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    Home Security System – Advice

    Ok Guys, Ive just edited eight posts with unauthorised advertising in them. Bottom line if you want to advertise on CPW use the advertise tab at the top of the page and do it properly. Website links to your companies disguised as "helpful advise" is still unathorised advertising. KTM
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    Serpent Medic Course

    My apologies for jumping the edit gun as well. as you can see from user panel Remote Medicine Ireland are forum advertisers. KTM
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    FPOS Course is it a need?

    Exactly! The other point to remember is that if your job title is anywhere near medical in description all eyes will be on you as the oracle of all things medical!! FPOS-I is, in my opinion a reasonable course to attend but it is only a minor step up from FAAW. The skill set needed in hostile...
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    Dismounted Patrol Medical Bergan

    Just a quick one mate. I have the RAMC NSN medical resupply disk with all the med kits and resupply stuff. NSNs, kit names, pack contents etc. ALL medical moduals. Im in afghan till the 18th sept but will send you a copy for future ref if you should so require. KTM
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    Medic Clothing

    Ditto with the 5.11. Also TRU SPEC make good clothing ive worn it in both the UK and IRAQ/Afghan and its very durable. The trousers are well designed and i wore a pair in afghanistan for 2 years and with the exception of a slight colour fade they are as good as new.
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    CPO looking for work in hostile enviroments!

    So on any of your training courses did they not cover PERSEC (yours and other peoples!!) Ive deleted the names and emails of yourself and those you have listed as references. Pity common sense cant be taught!! Its customary to make an initial introduction in the intro section instead of just...
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    Dangers of insect bites

    Treated a scorpion sting recently. Firstly had to wash off and sort out the "local remedy" which looked like sump oil. Antihystamines and local knowledge (guy that was stung) sorted it out. Dodger,I never put the brews on once during the whole thing either. Irony, he was praying at the time he...
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    Medical training for Afghan nationals?

    PM sent KTM
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    So many walts

    WTF!!! GoA - Government of Afghanistan! The replies to threads you have posted mate make you seem like a mong. Stick to the point and stop hijacking threads with inane dribble. Dont get me started on your spelling. KTM
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    ronin remote medic

    my only other question is has anybody got employment and completed the 750 hours needed SO BACK TO THE ORIGINAL QUESTION POSTED BY THE MEMBER (SEE ABOVE) Has anyone completed the required clinical placement hours. This would be great to hear about so members can gleem infomation as to how best...
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    Help with Crazy ex

    If your registered as a ltd company, paid in dollars. work abroad, are away for months on end etc. this is like kryptonite to the CSA they should issue with a default payment. They did in my case and it was cheaper than my original payments. The fact is you cant get away without paying if the...
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    SOS April EMT & WEMT Course

    Well done mate. Recognise the bearded wonder standing up on the right!!! Looks like a good attendance. I on the other hand got caught up in the attack on FOB Finley shield, Jalalabad yesterday and treated two US soldiers cas 1 - Through and through shrapnel upper left thigh 22 year old male...
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    Made up Medical Qualifications

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    SOS EMT Guatemala First Week

    Really must get my arse into gear and get over to you mate. Im dealing with partial thickness burns at the minute as well as a trapped nerve and Gastic reflux. Who said karbul isnt exciting!! my hairy faced friend is deep in the books at the minute and looking forward to his trip darn sarf...
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    SOS EMT Guatemala First Week

    Working with a hairy faced scots man in baghdad whos booked on the next course. Hes picking up all the terminology so quickly... finger, head, arm. Boys a natural LMAO. Keep up the good work mate. KTM
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    Has the Iraq MOI stopped issuing Visas ?

    If your sat at home waiting to get out here, make the most of it as my team is doing 7 days a week upto and including 17 hour days. Be careful what you wish for.... KTM
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    Has the Iraq MOI stopped issuing Visas ?

    KBR are been issued 12 month visas, they are not a security company though so that proberbly answers that question. Some security companies who we talk too every day at BIAP put in their applications for visa extensions last year, around Nov/Dec time and that may be the reason they have been...