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    Client Charges

    Lol, it is or it isn't until G4Stupid or Manguard Plus decide that they are losing out because of it, then the rules will be changed to suit them! But as you say, I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them.....and they won't put anything in writing, EVER!!! Gimme a buzz, was...
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    Client Charges

    Have you considered the size of your market, or lack thereof? Unless you have a pipeline of clients I can see you working 10-15 days a year in ROI, and being lucky to get the rates you have mentioned. And while there is no licensing requirement for CP here, I would not like to fall foul of...
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    Checking it’s real in Dayton Ohio.

    Worth it in the end though....I have PoC’s in Arizona, Seattle, NYC, Cali and Kentucky if any of those produce a potential purchase....
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    Checking it’s real in Dayton Ohio.

    I may have someone in California who could take a look for you?
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    CP situation in Republic of Ireland

    A few. But there’s not much. And the pay is shit.... And there’s no CP license either. Mostly done badly by untrained operators, I’d stay away....
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    Experienced Covert Surveillance to join professional company on associate level

    Well done Inspector The name concerned me...’I Nex Generation’
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    Criminal charges for hidden cameras.

    Welcome back Ivan
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    Dealing with slipping in clubs

    Google non slip safety boots and you’ll get a selection. Or go into a workwear shop and they’ll advise Buy the best you can afford, minimum €120 I would say as you’ll be in them for a lot of hours and your feet will thank you.
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    Security Expo Olympia

    Anyone going to this next week? I’m in on Wednesday if anyone fancies a cuppa?
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    Close protection Earpiece

    Always a possibility mate, some good answers below...I’m just a cynical ****er so assume everyone is on a windup until proven otherwise
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    Close protection Earpiece

    That’s the one.
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    Close protection Earpiece

    Eh, they don’t..... Some rigs have a finger button with clips around one of your digits and you press it with the other, but these guys are reading from a script, there isn’t actually anyone listening on the other end. If this is a piss take then fair play, if it’s not, then oops
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    Assistance on Kroll Brand

    I have no problem mentoring, and/or giving help and assistance to members here, and have done so many times in the past. But the OP was badly constructed, and makes no real sense, “what services Kroll provide or are seen to provideâ€. If the OP had come in and said, ‘Kroll claim to provide...
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    Assistance on Kroll Brand

    He also asked what services they are know to perform. It’s a badly constructed post which immediately led me to the opinion that the OP is lazy and deserving of a flippant response.
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    Assistance on Kroll Brand

    Kroll | Prevent, Respond To & Remediate Global Risk Search took approx. 5 seconds....
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    Criminal charges for hidden cameras.

    My offer still stands....
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    I know how this sounds but it's the truth. My computer screen is monitored 24/7 How?

    I thought it was just me? Where the f@&k did this guy come from?????
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    What Are You Reading?

    Jeez aren't you clever...
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    Sense prevails in the Czech Republic

    Northern Ireland??? WTF are you talking about? Bona Fide Terror attacks in London/Barcelona/Paris/Frankfurt/Brussels/Nice in the last couple of years and you refer to NI as the one place in Europe where it might be necessary to carry a weapon!!!! The RA in its various guises and splinter...