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    Circuit Magazine Article on Increasing Your Marketability in EP

    Hello My article in Circuit magazine was just published. It is some useful information on "Increasing Your Marketability in EP"! Please check it out in issue 66. The link is below!
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    Situational Awareness and Advanced Practitioner Training

    Hello, my name is Thomas "Tom" Pecora, and I am an Executive Director, Asia-Pacific and Oceania at Arcuri Dynamics and a senior advisor and curriculum specialist for Arcuri Group LLC. During my 24 years in the CIA and the last 10 years working in the private sector, I have been training people...
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    Hello My Name is Thomas Pecora

    I have spent more than 30 years in the security profession and I am a former CIA Senior Security Officer who retired after 24 years of service protecting CIA personnel. I managed large security programs and operations on multiple continents and in multiple war zones. Experienced in protective...