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    Complete CP instructor package - Recommendations

    Glad I could help. Which company did he go for ?
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    Complete CP instructor package - Recommendations

    Either Elite at Norwich or HZL in Derby. ESL in Darlington might do all of the necessary qualifications as well
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    2023 - List of Close Protection training companies

    I forgot to mention that by offering only an FAAW cert, most students will then have to go and do a FREC or FPOS elsewhere to get on the books of the better quality operational companies
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    2023 - List of Close Protection training companies

    The only company I would recommend in the London area currently is Polaris. One way when choosing or recommending a course to someone is does the company offer FREC or FPOS as well as the CP course itself. As far as I am aware Polaris is ‘the’ only training company that offers FPOS alongside...
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    Footballers house robbed (Again)

    One of the issues is they it seems to be the ‘norm’ for them to buy large houses with indoor pools and high end cars, but be very tight on their security budget. I’ll use Liverpool as an example. They use Guardforce but rather than have an RST team in their houses, they a QRF team in a...
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    Medical + CP up-skilling course required

    If possible search for the companies who are doing the top up courses over a 3 day duration. Also ask the training company if they are doing the exams online as you can then do an instant resit on any of the four multiple choice tests.
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    Comms check?

    CM, On parade ready to help those who need advice on CP training and CP Top up courses Thanks for asking me RB