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    Finding Work In CP (UK Market)

    A good read and a good honest post. Top bloke.
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    Hi Dan, The course is very good but when I did it they did not offer FPOS but I think they might now. I am out in Helmand at the moment with the forces and will be looking for work later this year. There seems to be more and more CP work out here. Dougie Durrant runs the course and he does a...
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    Hello dafoster, I did the course at the start of the year but since then I have been training...

    Hello dafoster, I did the course at the start of the year but since then I have been training for another deployment with a transport regt in Afghanistan. I haven't been actively seeking work but the people who run the course can give you good info and direction. Patience, hard work and a bit of...
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    Hi all, I recently completed the level 3 course run by nibsss in N.Ireland and i was very impressed. No messing, straight up instruction by very experienced guys. I would be happy to reccomend the course to anyone looking at options. PM me if you want anymore details or honest feedback.
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    Daily workout?

    My advice, get out and run, run and run some more. At your early stage its what you need to be doing to improve all over fitness. Bang in some press ups, sit ups and overhand heaves if you can. Do not overcomplicate a training programme at an early stage to help prevent injuries. make sure you...
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    Mud madness

    Hi all, if any of you are based in Ulster and enjoy a bit of adventure running, check out this short four miler on the 17th April. I entered yesterday and I cant wait. Also, if there are others on here that enjoy ultras or adventure racing, get in touch.
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    davyh50 Introduction on 24th January 2011

    Hi all, thanks for the welcome. Carl, I moved up to bigger distances last year and took part in local ultras in the Mourne mountains and the causeway coast (N.I) then in october I took part in the Brazilian Jungle Marathon, (220km). In May im doing the N.I coast to coast and hopefully doing...
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    davyh50 Introduction on 24th January 2011

    Suggested introduction template is below Q. Do you represent a company? A. No, not yet Q. What area's in the Security Industry are you interested in? A. CPO work. Q. What do you hope to get from the forum? A. Advice, CV help, maybe a bit of craic. Q. Tell our members something about...