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    Hessian training in Serbia

    SO can you offer a full CP/PSD life fire exercise with vehicles?
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    ***Important announcement from Morrigans***

    Sad news, thanks for the opportunity Mick et al, great working with you. Best wishes to all and to the students who passed through the courses.
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    Kevthemed calling from karbul

    Kev Im in Konduz mate, PM me your number, Taff.
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    2.4km treadmill run

    Its akin to walking on the moving walkways at airports, it always makes me think why get on something that is designed to allow you stand still and get there when if you want to walk then walk along side the farking thing. Cheeses me off when I am stood there with the worlds allocation of kit...
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    Approved & Accredited medic courses for the industry..

    Yeh I agree with that mate, however sometimes everyone is guilty of over complicating things. Moreso on the civvy side when paramedics forget the basics and then fark up the gucci stuff, especially when the basics would have worked. I know you werent commentating on the simple approach to care...
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    CPO killed in Herat

    Sad news RIP fella
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    CPO killed in Herat

    Security guard killed in Afghanistan - National News, Breaking News -
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    Just finnished Morrigans HECPOPSD course

    Schande, Ich liebte es so sehr! Viel Glück mit Ihren Kursen, und Ja, mein Deutsch ist jetzt nicht sehr gut, aber besser mit ein bier oder neun! Can I put on my CV you do language courses now?
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    Just finnished Morrigans HECPOPSD course

    Haben Sie mein tintenfisch gesehen?
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    Union Jack ban defied by armed police

    I originally wrote a huge post here, I have now condensed it to "grrrrrrrrrr"
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    9-Line MEDEVAC Cheat Sheet and more...

    Isnt it a ten liner now? as in the addition of MIST? I like the yanks 9 liner for EOD its similiar but the helicopter doesnt land....boom pun
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    Man jailed again for having sex with horse

    Bootneck80, suprised at your "mint" comment at the beginning of your post there Royal.....I was expecting.... "Hoofing!" I'll get my coat!
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    Intro to fellow medics

    Welcome to the forums
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    EMT Training Companies

    What type of EMT do you want to become, plastic or real? As in do you want to do a one week "EMT" course which is nothing more than a marketing scam and the standard is that of FAAW with O2 thrown in and some big medical words. Or do you want to become an IHCD EMT? In which case its either...
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    Kill a walt day!

    "Recon X is our most popular gaming event to date. In fact it's the UK's Leading Laser Combat Event. There's nothing else out there to beat our technology and equipment. In fact the US Military are looking to use it for training. We were also featured on Channel 5's The Gadget Show and delivered...
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    Firearms training in Serbia with Morrigan Solutions

    Cheers wee man, see you soon maybe, hope so bud!
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    Hospital Survey Template

    I know where the nurse hang out mate! lol Do you have access to GSI? They had a couple the last time I looked in 1783.
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    Firearms training in Serbia with Morrigan Solutions

    Cheers Mate, stay safe in your pit, oops I mean the pit ha ha! Seriously though safe trip and tour mate, I am in last minute re-packing frenzy, do I seriously need to take so much porn???? Must remember hose down!!! Taff