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    Demo Section, Thetford

    I remember Thetford battle camp in the 80,s . Place of nightmares on a par with Fremington "adventure training" camp or that sickening feeling of turning up towards D-lines in full two dress knowing full well your heading for sand hill . Some lads burst into tears as soon as we got to the gates...
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    Covert stab vests

    Sorry I stand corrected they're slash proof im not pushing anything just saw the website they do sell bulletproof/stabproof vests but not teashirts. All the little chavs in London wear them
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    Covert stab vests

    Hi Have you tried this site it makes and sells stab proof tshirts, even school uniforms for your kids Body Armour - Disguised
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    RAVC Dog Handlers

    LOL your having a laugh!! small world eh. Andy was my boss for ages in Armagh we got out a few months apart. Might pop up and see him later. RMP handlers used get the good London gigs.
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    RAVC Dog Handlers

    LOL Your having a laugh. Small world eh. Might pop up and see him later. He was my boss for ages we got out a couple of months apart. I thought the RMP did the London gigs
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    RAVC Dog Handlers

    Yet again aes69 I agree entirely with your reply. I was attached to RAVC for eight years as a spec handler and think its the worst unit I ever worked for in my 19 years service. If I could do it over again then i would take the RAF route as they seem to have the best postings and were treated...
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    Guards Brigade

    Hello all ex Coldstreamer 1st bn then transferred to the micks to become a mickstreamer from 84 to 05 Hi Tim
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    Which regiment to join?

    My advice is look into all the military options and dont listen to the bull from the careers office theyll tell you anything you want to hear. As some above have said its not for everyone and once you've made your choice its hard to change. The TA would be the best option to see if its your cup...
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    Scent-Killing Machine Could Be Sweet Choice For Terrorists

    I agree entirely with Aes69 a good handler wouldnt need an indication to raise suspicion. just the slightest interest from my dog would make me stop an individual.There always residue present however you try to mask it.Some dogs will even react to a smell that shouldn't be present without...
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    ginsterboy Introduction on 03rd May 2010

    Suggested introduction template is below Q. Do you represent a company? A. No not on your nelly Q. What area's in the Security Industry are you interested in? A. Security all types except CP (the wife would kill me) Q. What do you hope to get from the forum? A. help and advice.keep up to date...