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    Pushed my button so much...

    The DJ is a knob, for sticking his nose in where it doesn't belong. what a jumped up twat, next time he playing records, tell him what records to play, see he likes that.
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    first aid trained event staff ?

    Hmm I don't think anyone with FAAW/FPOS(I) is a waste at any event, security/event company's use them, along with St john's, helping a casualty until an ambulance attends the scene, is better then standing there doing nothing
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    PVI certificate checks

    Yep Name & Shame, I know of a TL has been caught out with a moody ENG 1, because he's been with the company for over three years he's just been suspended, now why the **** has he not been reported, is just beyond me, Fraud is still a crime.
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    ram man

    At last, long overdue
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    MIRA or ATOM

    Cheers Exmed, I have had so called medics on my team you caim to be MIRA trained, but many miss out BLS.
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    MIRA or ATOM

    Does the MIRA cover basic life support
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    Upskilling course 16th March Birmingham City Centre

    Many Thanks guys for the info
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    Upskilling course 16th March Birmingham City Centre

    Morning John, do you do 24 hrs refresher course for CP, did a cp course in 2009 been told I have to do a refresher
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    i am appauled

    Well said Ed, some big maritime company's are doing the same shit
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    maritime beards

    Funny as ****, beards, no beards, who gives a flying one, as for waxing your balls, yep I do lol
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    regarding the Olympic Shambles

    Lol G$4 is the Aldi of security, who couldn't secure a big mac without eating it or stealing it
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    G4$ and the olympic saga

    LOL G$S what another sham, lets see what happens next
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    Warning to all Maritime operators in Galle

    Hello Matey, yes one is from London, very broad cockney, the other is an aussie, was last seen two days ago on the beach front, roming the days with expats
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    Warning to all Maritime operators in Galle

    No when have you ever know for the press to say a good work about us, didn't do in Iraq, and they would make any shit story up, rather than give a flying one what we really do, and yes we are very professional
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    Warning to all Maritime operators in Galle

    Have been in Galle with a team, for a couple of days now, and during a visit to one of the many beach bars in Galle, that two members of the British press are trying to get a story on maritime security teams, now they MO is they watch you get pissed and try and make out they are working for...
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    Somali piracy: EU forces in first mainland raid

    LOL sunk a few skiffs, what and no pirates to be seen, utter bollocks
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    RedFour Group

    Still no change there then, getting payed 30 days after your transit, is still an is a big problem
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    Marsec info/help

    Morning Adie, you clearly have done your homework, and got 99% of ticks in the boxs, alot of the big maritime company's are stating you need all of the above, to get a foot in the door, think the only thing missing is a drug test, costs about £25-50, they are a few maritime company's...