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    Level 4 Managing Surveillance Operations Course

    Really ought to remove this as unauthorised advertising, but it's so cheap looking that anyone who decides to follow the advert deserves all they get! As an unbiased person not endorsing any company, ISS and CTR lead and others (with their aol addresses and mobile numbers) follow...
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    Daily occurence book

    Used lots all over in static guarding. I have replaced where possible with google forms. Some industry specific software also provides the facility. One of the areas for consideration will require to be the [apologies - total mind blank so please insert the correct word here] originality or...
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    Insurance for security guards and door supervisors

    Speak to coversure.... a good start... Bubba
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    Zems Intro

    Welcome, zems. Am sure you will find the forum useful. Check out the "advertising" tab above if you are fancying advertising on the forum. All the very best and welcome to a great resource. Bubba
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    Which course is required

    Lincs, Welcome to the forum. The details for Licensing of Public Space CCTV Operators can be found at the following page of the SIA Website: hope this helps. Bubba
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    absolute gold mine of info, but....

    I'm not Marsec... but you have SEEN the info on here... you KNOW the answer... you may not want to acknowledge that its the case though. You know what it's like to spend a wedge for no return. If i were starting again i would enter either commercial diving or high rope access.... You KNOW...
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    Is height a factor on the doors?

    You WILL be targeted by drunks due to your height. One of the best DS I ever worked with is the same height as you though. Size doesn't matter... its what you do with it that counts!! Bubba
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    MomentumsecurityRecruit Intro

    Welcome to the forum. You are sure to find it of benefit! All the best Bubba
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    merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

    Merry Christmas all! Here's to a great 2016! All the best when it comes! Stay safe all. Bubba.
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    Ex Royal Marine Book Launch

    Just getting ready to head to a book signing. Ex Royal Marine Paul Kerr (pk) today launches his book M.ega S.tubborn. Not read it yet but believe its about positivity. Being a Marine and how the mindset gets you through. Life. Ability. Charity and inspiration. Oh.. and along the way... the...
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    Not often....

    Is the 12th as ridiculously crazy in NI as it is in the West of Scotland. (In saying that - this year appears to be the exception to my previous statement over here.) Cheers Bubba
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    Advice about Brilstein Security Group Bubba
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    EnaultFr Intro

    Bienvenue a CPW Bubba
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    Exlagerer Intro

    Welcome to CPW to my very good friend exlagerer. Great place to be, great people, great info, great contacts. Welcome. All the best. Bubba.
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    Advice Needed

    What to do next depends on where you are now?... What stage are you at, what have you done so far?
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    Welcome to the forum. Bubba
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    Query about bs7858 vetting

    Not knowing the companies involved, it MAY be the case that the company who withdrew offer were simply paying lip service to the vetting. 2k doesn't even require individual sign off so its unlikely to be that. Keep applying. The applications will not negatively affect your prospects. Bubba.
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    Decent Jackets / coats for SG and DS

    Ohhhhh. That sounds intriguing. Hadnt considered going mainstream.....
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    Decent Jackets / coats for SG and DS

    Thank you all so far.... links duly noted. Waterproof backing on embroidery is now on the checklist :-)
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    Decent Jackets / coats for SG and DS

    Evening all. Hope you are well and safe and happy. I need to buy some coats / jackets, suitable for DS / SG. Anyone got any recommendations? Must be waterproof. Must be Black. No Hi Vis. Must be suitable for embroidery. Maximum price £50-£60 per unit. I am looking for...