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    I too am going to look into Hostile as to be fair its the bread and butter! However as i only have 4 years military exp with one operational tour i will find it hard to get stuck into the hostile role. I am currently working on the executive side of CP which to me is ok at the moment with...
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    New Grenadier Guards group

    This guy was extraordinary boss during the tour. Morale to high heavens during the hardest times of the fallen. Christmas day sing alongs morale boost!
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    New Grenadier Guards group

    I too am an ex gren.. What side of CP Have the rest of my fellow Grens gone into? I left dec last year any recent leavers..Pm me?
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    chapmans Intro

    Q. What area of the Security Industry are you interested in? A. close protection, (hostile or non hostile) sureveilence is also a role im looking into Q. Do you represent a company, if so whats the company name and your role? A. Waba-Holding, Body guard. Q. What do you hope to...