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    PVI are growing apparently

    'if rumours be true about PVI's loyalty to its operators in the past, are they a company you would want to work for?' yes and i do. regards
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    Can Afghan forces bring security when Nato leaves?

    No, judging by the ANP and ANA i had the misfortune of working with
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    Security Officers UK (Securewest)

    Securewest International are seeking applications from candidates to conduct onboard ship security services for commercial and military clients on both long & short term contracts, worldwide. Security Officers will be responsible for all security requirements of the vessel whilst loading in...
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    Miss the CORPS! Thinking of rejoining?

    Look at the RMR, it's a move i made after missing the Corps and i was told that the Corps are looking to use more Reservists on upcoming tours if you are looking to go to Afghanistan, but if your missus is threaders with the thought of you rejoining the Corps beware about volunteering to do a...
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    Royal Marines onto fire service/police

    concentrate on getting through training first and think about what you want to do in the Corps, it's up to you on how long you stay in the Corps there is no ideal length of service it's whenever you feel you are ready to leave and then go and pursue other careers be it the fire service or the...
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    Spell Check

    try ispell download it, and when you want to check your spelling just right click and the ispell option will be there
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    Backpack / Rucksack

    I had the TECMAC 50 in ganners and found it to a excellent piece of kit, it lasted my whole tour with no problems whatsoever and had plenty of room with all the kit i was carrying.
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    What Are You Watching?

    helmet cam footage from H12.....yes, sad i know!
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    CP Operative Follow the link guys, i am not the POC for this All the best
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    Free First Person on Scene Qual

    If your an ex bootneck go for the RMR and volunteer for H17 to get your up to date operational experience, i have just come off of H12.
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    Management courses...?

    Check out the University of Leicester course in Security & Risk Management.
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    Jonathan Crookes RM 40 commando

    A hoofing bloke who will never be forgotten, rest easy brother.
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    Royal Marine Reserves

    as bootneck86 and NED34 i was a regular and have been in the RMR just over 12 months before mobilising, and i am about to deploy on Herrick 12. Living the dream.....again!
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    Language skills within the CP network ??

    I have recentley completed a week long course in Pashto (military course), it makes me far from fluent but i can greet people and ask simple questions now.
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    Msc Security & risk management Leicester

    i think it was 12 modules mate
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    would you rejoin

    i was outside 7 years before i decided to give the RMR a crack, now on a FTRS contract down at 40, having a good crack, although at my age the phys takes it toll!
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    Msc Security & risk management Leicester

    i graduated in July from the foundation degree, and intend to enrol onto the BA but not until late next year due to work commitments, good luck with yours studies guys!
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    would you rejoin

    have rejoined but only on a temporary contract as i am in the RMR now, originaly left the corps in 2001, had a mid life crisis and went in on a FTRS contract joining 40 last month!
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    A big thank you

    Echo muss08 comments about the CV service, made me realise how poor my old CV looked, great job by JHD.