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    Looking for close protection level 3 in north west England offering advanced learner loans funding?

    Did you act on any of this? Im in the NW myself actually 10 minutes from Liverpool, id like to chat if you've followed up with anything if you wouldnt mind, Im currently at the stage of finding a company to do courses with myself.
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    Hello, in process of leaving Military.

    thankyou for your quick reply, I have been drawn to Phoenix Group, due to what i mentioned, but I've also looked into AEC as well. I'm wondering, is there a company you would recommend for courses? just out of curiosity. I am still at the start of my research so I will definitely take your...
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    Hello, in process of leaving Military.

    Hi there, brief introduction. My name is Jordan, Im 30 years old and i am currently in the process of leaving the British Army after 12 years service. CP I understand is a common job for ex-military to go into, and already I have been put in my place reading on this website, thinking I would be...