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    New here

    Welcome, Dunks!
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    Close protection training

    Hi Ben, We would be happy to assist with your learning. Please see this link to our training page. Best, Ollie ASyl
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    Recruitment & Open Vacancies

    Hello Ady, What area are you looking to work? Ollie
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    Old Member

    Hi Ian, What area are you looking to work in? Ollie
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    Hello James, Welcome to the forum! It would be great to get in touch.
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    Accountant recommendations?

    Morning Chris, Hope this helps
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    Highfield Approved Centre Status
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    Training Providers Feel free to give us a call if you want any further information.
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    Get Qualified - Full SIA Close Protection Course

    The AEC Protection Level 3 Close Protection Course is run by highly experienced and qualified instructors, drawn directly from the prestigious and renowned Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit (RMP CPU). This course is a comprehensive and intensive training programme designed to equip...
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    Hello - Close Protection Services and training provider.

    Afternoon All, An introduction post from AEC Protection (Southampton) We have been engaged solely and directly with Commercial and Residential clients for a wide range of Operational Security Services since 2014. At AEC Protection we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of service...