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    Im young how do I break into the circuit and make a name for myself?

    Hi, Congratulations on completing your (CP) course! I understand that the initial stages of breaking into the industry can be challenging, especially when age becomes a factor for insurers and potential employers. It's true that, at times, principals might have younger family members or may...
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    Looking for local information regarding the Paris riots

    Software you'll need for intelligence updates in Paris—or any other location—depends on the kind of information you're looking for. Here are some categories of software tools commonly used for gathering intelligence: News Aggregators 1. Feedly: Allows you to organize, read and share the content...
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    Cameras placement for new installation

    Ensuring a CCTV system has no "black spots" is crucial for comprehensive security. Start with a site survey to identify potential blind spots and high-risk areas. Use a mix of fixed, PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom), and wide-angle cameras to maximize coverage. Place cameras at different heights and angles...
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    Seeking Guidance on Accessing Comprehensive Records in the USA

    I am not a legal expert, but generally speaking, complete and sensitive personal records of individuals in the United States are not openly accessible to the public. There are various laws that govern the use and dissemination of personal information, such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act...
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    FREC 3 course

    There are various WhatsApp groups dedicated to job opportunities for medically-trained operators. In these groups, you'll frequently find postings for roles that require a FREC 3 qualification or higher. These positions usually correlates with the level of qualification you hold. So if you're...
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    Security within the Blockchain (new cyber security)

    Interesting to see how cryptocurrency has advanced since initial discussions in 2017. Since 2017, cryptocurrency has matured significantly. Mainstream financial institutions have begun adopting Bitcoin and Ethereum, while Layer 2 solutions have addressed scalability issues. Decentralized finance...
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    CP Clothing - (Combats)

    Hey all, Looking for a good quality pair of CP combats with loads of pockets, can anyone recommend any online sites or shops in London area? I used to goto Solider of Fortune but its all re-enactment stuff now. no use to me yet.
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    Security within the Blockchain (new cyber security)

    There is a new disruptive technology called Blockchain. This revolutionary technology has the potential to displace current trends in the same respect that e-mail displaced the written letters or the computer displaced the type writer. Cyber security will undoubtedly increase its bubble to...
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    Looking for partnerships around cyber security

    On that note conlonel45155....CP World is an extremely good tool used in the security industry. Can anyone recommended a similar forum set up for the cyber security professionals? Might be an ideal to set up a new section on this forum?
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    RM and Scottish Independence

    Curious to find out the views on what will happen to 3 Commando Brigade if Scotland get independence?
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    Cyber Security Student looking for placement - UK

    There are also various reserve units out there which help may give you the experience you are looking for whilst at Uni;
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    Service Partner in Scotland (Glasgow)

    The contract starts the 26th May and will be ongoing, Thanks,
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    Service Partner in Scotland (Glasgow)

    Hi All, We are currently looking for a Service Partner for a new site in Glasgow area, preferably ACS approved contractor. The site requires 24 hrs cover, 5 officers day and 5 night. For more information just contact me.
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    Employment in France?

    Operating CP Teams in France Update on working in France, I have attached a file with helpful information I have gathered online from CPworld and also personal research on it. I hope this helps the next man working in this region.
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    Cyber Security Student looking for placement - UK

    I studied Computer Forensics & Security at Uni, and graduated last year. I cant help you with placement but I can maybe help you with course material or dissertation advice.
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    Employment in France?

    French CP Operators Can anyone clarify the following to deploy CP operators within France? -does a company need CNAPS approval in the same what that a UK company would be ACS SIA approved? -what exactly does a UK CP operator need to work in French territory -what exactly does a French CP...
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    FPOSi split over weekends

    Does anybody know if its possible to do an FPOSi split over weekends? ...and preferably in London/Dorset area?
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    MoD Cyber

    Consultancy is something that I am interested in but the problem is I have theoretical knowledge and not much practical work experience on Info Sec. Part of my project I used elements of CESG's technical risk assessment and ISO 27001, so I am familiar with it but as a graduate level is...
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    Finishing MSc in security & risk mgmnt Leicester Uni

    I feel the pain - im coming to the end of the road too. What are your plans after uni?
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    MoD Cyber

    Its becoming a bigger and bigger problem out there and MoD are increasing strength to tackle it; BBC News - Ministry of Defence joins firms to tackle cyber threat Ex Royal, almost graduated in Computer Forensics & Security and was looking to see if there were any lads out there with some good...