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    Anyone heard of HZL?

    Interested to hear from the experienced CP operators or Forum members here. As the title says has anyone heard of HZL as a CP training provider based in the U.K.? They have a big contract with a government department doing CP training. They then say you need refreshers every 6 months or so...
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    Advice needed.

    Afternoon all, Today I received a wedding invite sent to my house for myself and my wife. It named us by our correct first names and surname. Bearing in mind we moved to this new address last November and have given it out only to our close circle. The strange thing is we do not know the...
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    Looking for Work and any advice.

    Good Afternoon, I am trying to get a foot back into the CP/ Security industry and at the minute I am finding it very hard to get a break. Ideally a RST job would be a perfect starting point that would give me the opportunity to impress and progress within the industry. I am a former...
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    alamarahsoldier Intro

    Q. What area of the Security Industry are you interested in? A. I am interested in the close protection industry. Q. Do you represent a company, if so whats the company name and your role? A. I do not represent a company. Q. What do you hope to get from the forum? A. I hope to get back...
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