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    Cancer Care for Children

    Hi, This is from a good friend of mine who works with me in Afghanistan. He is trying to raise cash and awareness for "Cancer Care for Children" Rather than me tell you, ill post the link and any amount at all will help. There is also opportunity for publicity as the event will be televised...
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    Algeria CP required (urgent)

    A UK client is looking for a French speaking CPO, with previous 'in country' experience, to work with a private client in Algeria 8 - 11 Feb 09. Someone with a current Algerian visa would be preferred. Rate £350 per day. Travel and subsistence included. If you are interested then please email...
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    Urgent requirement for Saudi CP

    Minimal Risk are seeking a CP Operative who holds a Saudi Visa to deploy to Saudi for approximately 5 days. Deployment is on Friday 9th January 2009. If you are interested and available then please call - 0781 774 2361 or the Minimal Risk office - 01432 360 643 Minimal Risk Consultancy Ltd...
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