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    Guess whose back!

    Well hello you grubby lot. Some of you may remember me from a couple of years back, well I've finally decided to return to this place and disperse my wisdom on all those who don't know better. Hello to you oldies still knocking around, And Hi to the new-er folk who I've still yet to...
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    Always impressed

    I know some of your teach dogs, handle dogs, and such like. But for me, I am still always impressed by the control and understanding of the animals. come across this stream of videos which a dog has been trained to protect a child, very impressive (i think anyway) just thought Id share them...
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    In my job, I carry a cpr kit on my belt. At the moment they are some face bag type of covers, however we will be moving to the face mask. Usually these face masks are marketed to carry in a pocket. does anyone know of a decent belt attached CPR mask holder? cheers p
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    its getting hot now

    So amazingly the weather is jumping around, and at points a tad warm. I would very much like to carry around a water bottle. Looking for you folk to give advice on a good bottle/holder. Im not an expert on this sorta thing, but difference between plastic bottle and metal (as in pro's and...
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    Captain Philips

    So i've been gone from the forum for a little while, now working in law enforcement rather than private security. But I went to see a film today, Captain Philips, I expected the mar-sec side of this forum to be buzzing with debates around it, but from what I can see, no ones even brought it up...
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    Hello folks, Does anyone know of a decent waterbottle holder for a 50mm duty belt? I dont really want something big, but enough to just hold 250-500ml of water. Any suggestions? Cheers P
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    How big is this beast!? Russian military hovercraft ploughs into crowded beach - video | World news | theguardian.com
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    1 ex-met vest for sale

    1 ex-met vest for sale, all logos and markings removed. Size xxl but tightend up can fit a L quite nicely. Reason for selling, i no longer need it. Accepting offers Based in london
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    when i run

    now i dont mean when i run for the bus, but when i go for a run, like of an evening, intention of going out to burn some fat and get the chest going. When i go for these runs, which today is a fine example, my right shoulder really starts to play up. Serious pain. So bad I cant run with it...
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    Cop shoots dog

    So this happened (from my understanding) a couple of days ago, Hawthorne, CA Police Kill Dog While Owner Handcuffed - YouTube Its hard to find the actual raw clip (I saw it on Facebook so seen the whole clip,) whats missing is a couple of seconds where the dog rolls around convulsing, no...
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    not quite security based, but still you guys would know it best..!! Anyone got much details on ENG1 (maritime & coastguard agency (mca) medical fitness certificate) What it invovles, how fit do you have to be etc etc cheers for any info :)
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    another joke wage (security)

    Some of you may remember two jobs I pointed out a little while ago, but I think I just found a new low! Full time "live in" security guard - wonderful central location in Hammersmith, London | Security Jobs | Gumtree.com 7 nights a week, 12 hours a night, £200 a week. Do the...
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    Handcuff over kill?

    So I recently worked an event, I don't want to say what event, or who with as they advertise on here. There was a member on here which worked along side me during the day and I bet he would have the same view point as me. This event was rather big and plenty of folk went there, along side...
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    Pushed my button so much...

    Thought I would share my evening with you. Well not my evening, more like the 15 mins after we started chucking everyone out. I am on the inner door, holding it open saying goodbye to people and the DJ walks up to me, keeps poking me saying "youre a f*cking shift doorman, souldnt be doing...
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    On the market again

    Just left a door for personal reasons and looking for more door/static/whatever brings in the cash work in London/Kent. Anything you guys can throw at me i'll be thankful. CV available upon request, Not as much as a numpty in real life as I am on the forum Ciao! :) P
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    FAW and other first aid courses

    Alright folks, Just gathering a bit of information here. I have heard that you no longer need an Awarding Body to be able to hold a FAW/EFA/Others course. In other words, Joe Blogs from next door can put on a 'FAW' course and print certs out from his computer. Is this the case? Not...
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    Big up the PPSS again

    So, quite good bar scrap last night, invovling the whole door team, I get smacked in the face several times (resulting in a tripe to A&E...on my birthday aswell ;) ) During the huge altercation, I get charged by customers quite heavily into the bar, which justs out at about mid back height...
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    Section 27 / D12

    Alright forum, heres one for you coppers out there I chucked someone out thurs night, numerous reasons why, lets just stick to him been a toss pot. Anyway, he kept on harassing front door team and continue been said toss pot. (usual sort of thing "i work for NME, i will get this place...
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    So every so often, like everyone else, i do a scout for new jobs. heres two I found tonight *** Ltd are working on behalf of ******, who are seeking up to 12 full time Apprentices to work on the ******* project at various hubs in London. This is an outstanding opportunity for those aged...
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    Alright folks. I am looking for anyone who knows of some decent (smartish, but tough) black trousers for use on doors etc. I usually go and buy ASDA own ones (simply due to the price), but my new venue includes alot of bending...and high stepping onto a stage, and that occasionally has an...
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