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    CPO courses in France

    HI, Anyone can recommend CP training providers in France? Anyone knows this TP?.... Formation Protection Rapprochée & Chauffeur Garde du Corps, Chauffeur de Sécurité, Sécurité Bodyguard, Chauffeur VTC Thanks Jake
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    GERMANY - Surveillance and Data Protection

    Hi, Been approached to conduct a long term ORC assignment in Germany. I'm currently going through some of their Law & Legislation + Data Protection and have two weeks to submit an initial report. I know this forum bears quite a few experienced operators, surely someone could give me a bit...
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    Romanian speaker wanted for security in Brighton

    Hi I'm the initial POC. Wanted for Brighton, a romanian/english fluent speaker for a task driven role in a performance orientated environment. No previous security background needed nor SIA badge neither. What is needed is good common sense and anatlytical predispositions as the future role...
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    3 positions available. We are looking for customer focused people with resourses to become Investigators. Initial salary is £19000. No previous security background needed however good common sense and communication skills are a must, backed up by a strong analitical mind in order to succeed...
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    Area Manager Regency Security south east

    As the title says, heard its around 24.000. By experience I can tell its better for a single male as days + nightshifts are required. Friend of mine just moved on. Good luck anyone!
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    Tk maxx loss prevention , brighton

    Recruiting now, good salary and career prospects, check their website
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    Looking at EXCELLENTIA, TTW and SQR

    Hi, Currently I look at Excellentia, TTW and SQR. Heard a lot of good things on the security advisor site by word of mouth and elsewhere too. These courses match by now the course length as well as the pricing, Excellentia is looking really hot but is border line with what I can afford...
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    London CPO course without accomodation / cheap accomodations in London

    Hi, Currently looking into some courses in London (in general) some providers have their own deals, some do not or the price seems to be quite high. Do not know about you but I do not need to stay at a 4/5 star hotel with gym and rather safe that money for my family. So (in general) do you...
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    Part time CPO positions in London?

    Hi, I thought this might deserve a separate thread. I'm currently SIA SD licence and apart from the usual "doors" I get some work on "VIP" events in London. Some involve interesting tasks for interesting people. Since I have a rather good well paid and sometimes even "exciting" day job apart...
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    The best two week CPO course

    Hi, Pardon for the title but I thought it might attract at least some attention. I would like to do a course in the south-east / london area. There is one big issue, I know a two week course is far from ideal but that is all i have :-( my employer would never give me three weeks holidays. My...
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    https://jobsearch.direct.gov.uk/GetJob.aspx?JobID=5308700 Just found the one above. Good luck to anyone interested.
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    Security Chauffeur with military background WANTED

    Just found that on job search indeed, which is by the way, one of the better job search sites. This position: Highly Qualified Security Chauffeur Required - Totaljobs.com Good luck to anyone ;)
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    EOS recruiting TLs

    Hi, Just saw that EOS is recruiting British Army service leavers for TL positions. This does not apply to me. I'm not a point of contact, just saw it by coincidence. Good luck! :-D
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    Course aftercare

    Hi Guys, I hope this subject has not been covered yet. Otherwise forgive me for the repetition. Am currently looking into some courses and was thinking of the following : SHOULD THE QUALITY OF A TP NOT BE MEASURED IN THE SO CALLED AFTERCARE? I mean what's the point doing a course if...
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    Ex Foreign Legion, to train in France or UK?

    Hi There, I have been monitoring this CP website since quite a while and it is very informative, so therefore thank you all. I just would like to get advise please. From what I heard, it is already a very tough and overcrowded market, (CPOs included). Some of my friends are ex-british...
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    Jacobs Intro

    Q. What area of the Security Industry are you interested in? A. close protection maybe MARSEC? Q. Do you represent a company, if so whats the company name and your role? A. no Q. What do you hope to get from the forum? A. advice and information maybe more than just a training provider...
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