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    Pre-emptive strikes

    Pre-emptive strikes There is no rule in law to say that a person must wait to be struck first before they may defend themselves so witch leeds me to ask how close or aggressive dose one need to be for you to ues a Pre-emptive this is a question for everyone no ones reply will be the same as...
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    hello guys and girls

    hello i have a few days work coming up and my question is payment how long is it after you have done your shifts (days) do you get payment i will be asking who im working with this on the day but just wanted to here from experience thanks
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    event work what to expect

    this summer will be the first summer doing event work dont have a clue what to expect or to bring i do no that some places pay for you to get to the event some dont but on the face of it all if anyone has done it or dose it every summer some advise on what to bring i'd appreciate it
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    is this right

    hello i took a job with proficient security at the a31 roundabout in Bournemouth are job was to open and shut the gates for the trucks to drop things off. now this is what i don't think is right i may be wrong but they stuck you in a shed like a real garden shed. in the cold now i may be wrong...
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    hello i have got my door supervisor card in the post and i read the letter but im kind of stuck as i was told that the card will cover door supervisor and security guard. but the latter just says a ds ect ect allso can i do festivals ?
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    hello guys im waiting for my S.I.A to come and then i want a job in Security dont mide what part but i have not done anything like it before and in the times we live in and jobs are few is there anyone that can give me tips on how to say to companies iv not done this before but i need the...
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    sia test

    hello i have my sia test next firday just going to ask is it hard and what is my main points to study and allso is there a website i can study from thanks
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    fogant Intro

    Q. What area of the Security Industry are you interested in? A. door Q. Do you represent a company, if so whats the company name and your role? A. no Q. What do you hope to get from the forum? A. jobs /info Q. Tell our members something about yourself? A. i am very easy to get on...
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