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    Correct Self Defense [Video]

    Criminal Law Act 1967 A person may use such force as is reasonable in the circumstances in the prevention of crime, or in effecting or assisting in the lawful arrest of offenders or suspected offenders or of persons unlawfully at large do not ever think if your told to only use reasonable...
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    Enquiries on my company

    as i allways say to them who have a go at me for watching them around the store if you have nothing to hide why should you care im watched at work by my control room who cares dont fall asleep do your job
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    Superstore 'treated me like a thief’

    i did not read it all just skipped most i shell retrain my reading skills haha
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    Superstore 'treated me like a thief’

    all so just to add if the male was in the cafe inside the store then he has not stolen anything no crime has been done untill he exits the store or last point of payment
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    Superstore 'treated me like a thief’

    LOL how could they forget S.C.O.N.E that word is drilled in to everyone's head if you ever do retail. Observation is the big one someone may pick up goods then dump them as they lose there balls. if the guard did detain is that not kidnap seeing as he done nothing wrong
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    Any Advice?

    ls1991 what might help i dont no if you allreday do it but when the place your working in locks up for the night and your on shift reday to go home dont just go off wait with the guys whos locking up stand with them as they shut the doors and put in the code ect all so if its a retail store...
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    Difficult Customers

    talk to the store see if you can get some staff by the self scan i do LP in small stores witch shell be nameless but whatever you do it meat and drink are the big spots to watch for get some nicks in and they will soon see they wont come in when your on shift if you show them your on the ball...
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    Difficult Customers

    it is tricky for E.G male enters store picks up a few things goes to self scan scans 4out of 5 bags up and exits store now that is just a theft witch you may now go and do the stop out side the store and bring him back in to do whatever you want to do ban or police or both now the tricky...
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    Difficult Customers

    my advise on this if someone has left the store with goods that have not been payed for but has tryed to offer payment then its a tricky one but you can stop them just do not touch them and ask them to come back of there own will and repay for the goods 99% will the 1% will fight you but as they...
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    Pre-emptive strikes

    I can cope with capitals, punctuation and apostrophises but I was struggling with "puch" and "kife". i am dyslexic
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    Pre-emptive strikes

    okay this got lost i wasn't asking for advise BUT thank you for the advise some of it was very good i was just trying to see how others world ues it. but in my own view i would not puch someone in the face or head unless i had too and i mean last thing i do i fined the best thing to do if you...
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    Pre-emptive strikes

    Pre-emptive strikes There is no rule in law to say that a person must wait to be struck first before they may defend themselves so witch leeds me to ask how close or aggressive dose one need to be for you to ues a Pre-emptive this is a question for everyone no ones reply will be the same as...
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    I need some help with retail security

    oh wow its been a long time since iv been on here and what a story this made if i was you get the **** out of there and fined a new job if they haven't trained you at all then dont do it. but you want to carry on then some advise do not do a stop on someone you feel can beat your ass crime it...
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    i do loss prevention and handcuff are only used as a last resort and then you need to explain to the police why they was used cuffs i think are more a mide trick thing everyone has fear of them no one likes having there freedom taken from them so i think just haveing them on you on show cuts the...
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    Advice please

    * i was charged with common assault* some back ground will help what did you do what kind of mood was you in and the other person what was it all about was there a way of not dealing with it with out getting hands on all theses things should be looked at then go from there did you act on...
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    Static Day Shifts?

    goes to show give someone a life line and they will make good of it being on the dole is not a good life dead end give it 3 and them who got there sia but are still lazy and dont want to work will be weeded out partly as there not going to get 220 for a renew on your sia thats if the sia even...
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    Can A security guard stop and search ur bags if?

    i found this funny as hell LOL
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    Static Day Shifts?

    oh and it will most likey be 4 days on 4 days off if its 12 hrs aday pay will be around the 70-80 mark per day if its less its up to you but its not worth it if its under 70 a day anything more you need buddy let me no here to help
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    Static Day Shifts?

    day time site work is boring as **** 12 hrs a day you will most likely be doing 7am-7pm long days but its not all bad some descent chat with the workers and drivers if its a big site you will have other guards on site involving opening and shutting the gate for whoever checking there ment to be...
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    A little help getting my foot in the door.

    well do you no what you want to do or are you just looking for anything if your looking for anything something will come along but id have a think. you need to think about what kind of person you are and what you can do. when you get a interview fined out everything about them and what they do
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